Fish kill in Gleyn Ellyn, USA

Massive fish kills in Gleyn Ellyn, USA

The pond of Gleyn Ellyn, which is located 37 kilometers west of Chicago, U.S., have found hundreds of dead fish, writes

Massive fish kills in Gleyn Ellyn, USA

Residents of the city saw in the pond called Maryknoll, hundreds of carcasses of dead fish a few days ago. Now the fish decompose and produces a fetid smell.

Pond is a popular fishing spot, but now no one in the pond fishing — residents Gleyn Ellina concerned — the reason why so many fish died?

Massive fish kills in Gleyn Ellyn, USA
Maryknoll pond associated with several ponds throughout Glen Ellyn and Lisle.

Environmental authorities are investigating Gleyn Ellina on the occasion of the mass death of fish.


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