Fish with a taste of oil found in the Angara Irkutsk vets

Concentration of oil in fish Angara downstream of where the April dispensing diesel fuel, five to ten times higher than in the samples of fish from non-affected areas, said the regional government.

As a result of illegal tapping into the pipeline Rosrezerva April 25 of this year, the Angara got over 300 tons of diesel fuel. When emergency response for a few days they were stopped intakes are located below the Angara settlements. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of environmental damage exceeds 500 million rubles.

"All the fish coming to the shops and markets of Irkutsk region, is thoroughly sanitary control and can be used in food. Fish caught by amateurs and having an inherent in any processed taste and smell of oil, eating is not recommended" — warns regional power.

Director of Irkutsk Interregional Veterinary Laboratory Alexander Ablova, quoted in the report, said that the experts have analyzed 33 samples of fish brought from the reservoirs of Bratsk, Balagansk, Nukutsky, Ust-Ude, Irkutsk, Usolye, Tulun districts of the Irkutsk region immediately after the incident.

In the samples of fish taken in the control pond, located upstream from the site of the incident of the Irkutsk hydroelectric petroleum concentration in five to ten times lower than in the samples collected on the Angara within Balagansk, Ust-Uda and Nukutsky areas.

According to the Federal Agency for Fisheries, now reason to ban commercial and recreational fishing in the Bratsk reservoir not. Service professionals for the protection and use of wildlife have been monitoring the situation in all the areas that could be affected by pollution Angara.

According to the monitoring Rosselkhoznadzor, after being deposited into the Angara large amount of diesel fuel to the present in the affected areas and coastal waters of cases of mass death of fish, birds or animals have been recorded.

The situation with the aftermath of oil pouring into the Angara Bratsk reservoir is under the control of a complex group monitoring the situation created by the Government of the Irkutsk region.

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