Fistula on an oil pipeline in northern Kazakhstan spilled diesel fuel

Diesel fuel spill on the area of five thousand square meters was due to an accident on the main cross-border oil pipeline "Ufa-Omsk" in North-Kazakhstan region, victims and victims, told RIA Novosti press service of the regional department of Emergency Natalia Popova.

According to the press service, July 9 at 16.40 hours (14.40 MSK) in the north-west section of Mamliutka Mamlyutskogo district area in wetlands, where the main cross-border pipelines, surface water were discovered oily stains yellow with a characteristic odor of diesel fuel.

"In the conduct of earthworks on July 10 in 4.41 (2.41 MSK) was detected fistula diameter of 200 millimeters by 870 kilometer pipeline" Ufa-Omsk ", shared with a diameter of 500 millimeters. This main pipeline is designed to transport diesel fuel. Total area of the spill was 50 100 meters ", — said Popov.

According to her, at the present time, work is underway to eliminate leaks and accident management.

According to the preliminary findings of DES, was the cause of the fistula metal corrosion by moisture.

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