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Defense Ministry buys Russian helicopter, was created specifically for foreign armies.

Multi-purpose attack helicopter Mi-35 for the first time will go on armament Russian army. Amount of the contract is estimated at 10-12 billion rubles.

The decision on the purchase of Mi-35M has taken the Ministry of Defense. This was announced at the annual meeting of the shareholders general director of the Rostov Helicopter Plant Boris Slusar. According to him, the management of the Ministry of Defense places an order for 22 aircrafts of this model. Deliveries will be made during the period from 2010 to 2015 year. Thanks to the government order the company will provide downloads for long years.

Creation of a transport-combat helicopter Mi-35 series began in the Rostov plant in 1986. It is an export version of the famous "flying tank" the Mi-24, also produced in Rostov-on-Don. From the basic model "foreigner" is different armament and slightly modified in appearance. These machines are in service with the armies of 20 countries, including the Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Venezuela. Not so long ago, E-35 bought the Brazilian Air Force.

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In the Russian army, "May 30-dreaded" never delivered, as army aviation base of our country was specifically E-24. Regardless of the goals, this model can act on the battlefield not only as a military helicopter, and as a carrier landing and tf.

A couple of years back the military decided to upgrade the helicopter fleet of one hundred percent of the Land Forces. To replace a well-deserved "20 Four" had to do an all-weather attack helicopter Mi-28N — "Night Hunter", which established the creation of the Rostov plant. Commander of the Air Force put the puzzle to buy 300 of these helicopters for a couple years.

But for various reasons, is slowly re. Rostov pass to the customer only two cars per year. However, experts at clarifying this difficult transition period. Recently, the volume of the release of "Night Hunter" is planned to see three times.

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While the Mi-28, only recently left the assembly flow, he found a good export potential. So, for the Algerian army began the creation of the Mi-28NE with dual controls and digital avionics. Especially for overseas buyers in Rostov-on-Don creates combat training helicopter Mi-28NU. In August, the plant today will accept the role in the tender for the supply of languid transport helicopters to India.

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Rostov Helicopter plant included in the list of strategic enterprises of Russia, who turns out to municipal support. In the past, the federal budget for these purposes listed 178 million rubles, which is 2.5 times more than the previous financial year.

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