Flooding in Kiev. Paralyzed life in the capital

Today, July 6, 2011, in Kiev struck a powerful shower of hail. Due to heavy rainfall was completely paralyzed traffic in different parts of the capital.

According to the "Details" to the press service of the Emergencies Ministry in Kiev because of heavy rains flooded junction of Ushinsky and Donetsk. In addition, the rain flooded streets Shutov.

According to the "Today", the street flooded meadows, near the shopping center "Caravan", there was a large puddle of water on the knee, running down the stop.

According to witnesses, the street was flooded Bogatyrskaya also stop. Industrial bridge stood on trolleys, and cars were floating in the water up to the windows. Water flooded the transition.


Kiev were forced to navigate huge puddles, the water level in some places than one meter.

In some areas of the capital heavy downpour accompanied by hail the size of a pea. So, hail broke the city center.


Due to bad weather in the city was a large cork.

On the street in Kiev Shustova machine actually drowned. Peeking out of the water just a car roof.

Recall, July 4, in the south of Kharkov and its suburbs was a serious storm with showers and thunderstorms dropped large hail. Unfortunately, there were beige victims: violent storm killed a woman …

July 1 ruthless elements collapsed to Luhansk region: Lightning killed two people, dozens of people were left without electricity. Streets filled dirty water filled up pieces of wood …

Also suffered from the weather Odessa. In the night from 26 to 27 June in Odessa blew a hurricane. Bad weather heated the city, hundreds of trees felled and killed an elderly woman. Everything still hurt and a child …

A June 29 flooded Cherkasy. The city was flooded with a record over the past two days. The water does not have time to merge drains — huge lake paralyzed traffic. In the MOE treated hundreds of townspeople to rescue them from the flood. Only one hour this morning in the operative koordinatsiynogo Center of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine in Cherkasy region received more than 100 calls from citizens whose homes flooded with water.

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