Flying saucers come from the land

August 13, 2012 16:57

UFOlogists come when the alleged landing sites or just hang UFO above the ground, quickly find their traces. Experienced operator dowsing, crossing the border, "trace", begins to feel not very familiar feeling. Some feel the heat, more energy, others — the pressure on the brain, and others — tingling in the fingers and a metallic taste in the mouth. Some clearly feel an invisible barrier, facing them at the landing site.

UFO "love" particular areas of land. Sometimes they appear to them so often, they reminded original "UFO airports"

These feelings are too individual and difficult to scientific analysis. That's why, for example, one of the most famous UFO Russia, Sc.D., Professor Yuri Simakov sometimes take to travel to the place of the original UFO landing biological device — a box of flies. And often flies Hopes scientist. He had only to go invisible border "footprint" as the silence that reigned in the dark box, was replaced by disturbing roar. When the flies carried the face of the UFO landing, they immediately calmed down.

Respond to the "trace" and other simple organisms. Rotifers — multicellular creatures with a very short life cycle, living in a UFO landing zone much longer shoe-paramecia became larger. On the "tracks" and the plants respond. Yuriy Simakov observed on the 'Next' delay disclosure colors coltsfoot and dandelion. These changes in the appearance of plants formed in the meadows and fields of circles, ovals, hexagons. At times, they were indistinguishable in the visible region of the spectrum a person, but a well-defined on the photographic images that reflect a wider area or specially selected multispectral images that reflect a narrow band of the spectrum, but informative for the study of vegetation.

Now, leave for a while, "traces the UFO" and see what the Victor Grebenshikov from Novosibirsk. His main interests are quite different — the bee's nest. Accidentally running his hand over the rubble of bees nest underground, the researcher felt the warmth and tingling in the fingers. Tamarisk began to gain statistical material brought to his experience of over 200 people. On the table there were dozens of diverse cellular and tubular tracks, made of paper, cardboard and plastic. They all have an impact on people. What felt participating in the experiments? Warmth, tingling in the fingers, the acid in the mouth, laying the ears, feeling hampered in their presentation to the hand to the nest.

It was the same feeling that people had entered the "UFO trail." Like the "UFO traces" fin-net education impacted on microorganisms.

Moscow geologist Alexander Fedorov in satellite images of the Arkhangelsk region saw the "footprints" of huge geological structures, which took the form of almost regular hexagons.

"Footprints" smaller discovered in satellite images of the desert Ustyurt another Moscow Geologist — Vladimir Kozlov. Later, the same strange shapes that form a polygonal network, began to find in satellite images and aerial photos of other regions.

Well, according to geologists, are these polygons? Most of them believe that the lines that they see in the pictures, it's thick zones of high permeability rocks. On them from the depths of the earth rise up to the surface of the pulses of energy, gases and solutions. The depth at which is the source from which rise to the surface energy pulses, commensurate with the size of the polygon. And the powerful pulse of energy arising in deep water, passing through a layered rock mass, "generate" a smaller, respectively, are reflected on the surface of the "footprints" of smaller sizes.

When the cards are made by geologists, combined with diagrams obtained according to dowsing, it turned out that most of the "nodes" of polygons coincided with bioactive zones. It is in these people experience unexplained feelings of fear, anxiety, strange feeling, reminiscent of the state of the information glut. Sometimes a man caught in a geopathic zone formed by tectonic structure, it is the vision of black pillars "smoke" or translucent black humanoid silhouettes.

"Footprints" UFO, by the way, is not very common in a single copy, and the chain, it is very well fit by the nature of its influence in the "networks", whose size can range from millimeters to hundreds of kilometers. So a thought: maybe not a UFO left their traces, and it all happened just the opposite? Mesh formation of natural origin, associated with specific geological structures, affecting the environment and living organisms that cause phantoms flying objects, or by acting on the brains of people who create a sense of vision of the objects. And there is no mystery, but simply have not yet fully explored the phenomena of nature, which never ceases to present to us a surprise.

Many ufologists say that UFOs "love" particular areas of land. Sometimes they appear to them so often, they reminded original "UFO airfields." Explain this UFO attachment to certain places can be, in terms of their relation to the energy emissions, periodically occurring on a grid structure of the earth's crust and is a kind of "energovodami."

One of the hypotheses to explain the existence of UFOs and strange footprints, based on what is actually a UFO — is unusual natural phenomena associated with geological processes occurring deep in the Earth's crust, and even at its boundary with the mantle and ufology nothing to do with . They generate energy pulses that rise to the surface of the Earth and the atmosphere acquire look luminous balls of plasma — "plazmotoydov." The exit site of a powerful energy pulse to the surface can lead to an explosion and crater formation.

How does and what causes the appearance of "plazmoyda-UFO is illustrated incident that occurred Dec. 6, 2003 in Latvia, in the village Plakanciems. In the evening, the forest near the village began to show through as in "X-ray" of the tree trunks has vertical, tapering upward spiral vortex. A few minutes passed, and the whirlwind was concentrated in the green ball the size of 1.5-2 meters, which slowly rose above the trees and disappeared into the forest.

On the same evening he was seen in Bolderaja 20 km north-west of Riga. Hovering above the ground, shimmering green light balloon hovered at an altitude of 150 meters. He broke out of the narrow beam of a searchlight that is quickly searched the neighborhood. Then the light went out and the UFO disappeared.

Some time passed, and the dispatcher on duty Latvenergo district office "Kekava", it was reported that in areas Babite Pinki first and suddenly lost electrical power, and then as mysteriously appeared, and that at this time in heaven there is a spherical greenish glow.

In the view of the rapid response team «UFOIats», held promptly investigating the cause of a power outage on the line power line UFO formed from the electromagnetic vortex that pulled out of the ground, "a new version emerges UFO formation, namely, that under certain geophysical conditions may occur volley reset accumulated charge heterogeneity, something like a dielectric breakdown, but in the earth's mantle? Provoke local electrical breakdown in the Earth's mantle can be running a tidal wave in the mantle, changes in solar activity, local disturbances in the ionosphere. "

Writes in his book, "When the earth shakes" American geophysicist E. Roberts: "When earthquakes often report strange glow, similar to a bright flash, then the pillars of light, and sometimes flashes or glowing balls, soft lighting, and even the weak reddish glow in the clouds or on the ground. "

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