For the United States the costs of supplying their own troops in Afghanistan increased by 6 times

For the United States the cost of supplying their own troops in Afghanistan have increased six-foldCosts Pentagon to supply military units Afghanistan increased 6 times.

The United States spent on supply troops of the North Atlantic Alliance Afghanistan in 6 times more after Pakistan in November last year were closed borders to NATO units

Now every month the Pentagon spent 104 million dollars to transport goods across Kazakhstan.

Earlier, when the U.S. made supplies through the port of Karachi, it costs them 17 million dollars.

More complex when read about the design of goods, is the Nordic way of ensuring the supply of NATO forces in comparison with the south method, which passes through Pakistan.

Washington hopes that things will be resolved with Islamabad recently. Relations between the two countries worsened considerably after in November last year, South American air forces were mistakenly missile and bomb strikes near the Afghan border in Pakistan's border guards.

Loads for units of the North Atlantic alliance accumulates at the moment in the port town of Karachi. By guesswork professionals Pakistani side will soon open its terrain to transport goods.

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