Foreign Ministry: Obama's statement is void, and not based on facts

Head of Information — Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh said improper statement of U.S. President Barack Obama's presence in the country in the face of political prisoners convicted ex-presidential candidates.

"Statement by the President of the United States Barack Obama Belarus on May 27, 2011and is illegal and not based on real facts, "- said in a statement released on Friday Savinykh.

"At that time the American side says the strengthening of sanctions — despite the fact that the United States out of their own experience of relations with a number of countries have well-know that the policy of sanctions does not work" — emphasizes the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

"How can reflect the imposition of sanctions against state-owned enterprises — because they work most of the population of Belarus, they are largely form the budget of the country — that is, health care, social security, pensions, and education. Then, against who actually directed the sanctions? This simple comparison shows the hypocrisy of the alleged "support of the Belarusian people," — says A. Savin.

"We are convinced of the importance of cooperation between Belarus and the United States. The United States must find the strength to give up the false stereotypes and outdated approaches.'s Time to start building a constructive cooperation in the true interests of our people. We have always been ready for it — and ready now," — expressed the position of Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Obama vows new sanctions

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