Found on cucumbers verses from the Quran


Villagers Bulgakovo (Ufa district) have grown cucumbers unusual. They stood out Arabic script with verses from the Koran. The owners of vegetables consider it a gift of God, the clergy — a sign approaching doomsday and end of the world, skeptics — that the owners themselves lettering scratched, but biologists have substantiated the phenomenon from a scientific point of view.

Not aluminum cucumbers, but also unusual. Floria Teregulova — horticulturist with the experience, but these fruits sees for the first time. Cracks on the vegetables resemble the Arabic script with inscriptions from the Koran.

Cucumbers were to go on the table. The woman tore them specially for the evening breaking of the fast. Teregulova hold the post — Eid al. But seeing the unusual characters, Floria Kavievna turned into a mosque. There inscriptions deciphered as the beginning of every sura from the Koran: In the name of Allah the Almighty, there is no god but Allah. But biologists believe that cucumbers do not have enough moisture and they cracked. This often happens. However, why cracks are ornate, experts do not know.

According to the clergy, such signs only see the true believers. For example, in Baltachevskom Chekmugashevsk areas and found eggs with inscriptions similar to the name of Allah.

But in Dagestan consider holy year-old child, who show through on the body and Hadith verses in Arabic. Religious people are sure that the message from God means the imminent approach of the end of the world. Skeptics believe that this focus, which can repeat itself. Whether to believe in such things, a private matter.



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