Four settlements in the Trans-Baikal region hit by heavy rains

The river White Uryum rose sharply due to heavy rains in the Transbaikal, leaving on Tuesday night were partially flooded two villages — Ulyakan Uryum and earlier over the banks of the river Aleur podtopila home in the village Bushulei stations and storm water has broken power Krasnokamensk city, the press service of the regional GUMCHS.

"As a result of torrential rains on the night of June 26, there was a sharp rise in water level of the river White Uryum. Flooded plots of land 22-houses in the village Ulyakan and six houses in the village Uryum," — said in a statement.

Agency said that in the village Uryum flooded five semi-detached and one detached house. Nine apartments is water. Residents, and that 42 people, including 11 children, are currently housed with relatives and friends.

On Monday evacuated 65 residents of the village Bushulei stations, where due to heavy rains the river burst its banks Aleur.

Sunday due to heavy rains in southern Transbaikalia Waterlogging was the second largest city in the region — Krasnokamensk, where about 55,000 people.

According to the MOE, suffered substation. As a result of power was broken. Currently, electricity is restored in most parts of the city.

Also, due to heavy rainfall in the north-east of the Trans-Baikal region on Sunday suffered Transbaikal Railway (ZabZhD) was disrupted train schedule.

Regional emergency department on Monday night released information that on Tuesday in the region are expected in some places very heavy rains.

As explained Siberian regional emergencies center, in the next day the water level in the reservoirs still rises.

"By the rivers Amur, Shilka, Nercha ups constitute 50-150 centimeters a day … probably marks a harmful and short-term flooding of settlements on small rivers and streams of central, eastern and northern areas of Transbaikalia," — said the agency.

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