Fourth District Rostov region declared a disaster due to drought

Local authorities have imposed a state of emergency in Remontnensky district of Rostov region because of the drought, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS Russia in the field of Marina Abramchenko.

Since late May, emergency mode due to soil and atmospheric drought was introduced in the two most northern areas — and the Upper Don Sholokhov, and in the east — Zavetinskom. In total, these areas have been killed crops over an area of 39.4 hectares.

"In Remontnensky area as a result of adverse climatic conditions — prolonged spring drought — from early April killed winter crops and spring crops on the area of 17.4 thousand nectars. Drought affected 28 farms area" — said the agency interlocutor. Resolution of the local administration in a regime of emergency.

Abnormal drought observed in Russia in 2010 — then the heat lost about 20% of all cultivated land, or 30% of grain crops, and the harvest has fallen by more than 30%, to 61 million tonnes. The grain harvest in 2011 totaled 93.9 million tons in net weight. Experts of the Russian Grain Union, expressed concern about the new drought this year due to record-high air pressure in the European part of Russia.

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