Fragments of Slavic letters signed


Everything that surrounds us — full of meaning. Meaning filled before, and all that was going on the man in his environment. Signs of protection, support applied on clothes, utensils, a weapon, a home. It is quite natural to want to continue that tradition.

Often talk about the "Runic Slavs." I would like at this time be made clear his position: Runic — a letter with runes. Rune Elder and Younger Futhark may also later formations the same graphic series. Slavic same letter signed by no means rested and not based on the Scandinavian runes.

In the transition from a series of ornamental letters of any signs, then form the basis of the Cyrillic alphabet. So if you really want to write something "quite right" — a right that should not reinvent the next "Dancing Men". Write in Russian. In Ukrainian, Belarusian … Write in your living language, very beg.

From earlier times we have a few ornamental series. They sometimes overlap, confirming once again the unity of culture Balto-Slavic area. The library has already become Galina Nechaev and Dobrosława relating to this subject, and the plate with Latvian and Livonian mythological characters — useful. But we want more, right? ..

Everything describe — is difficult. I decided to offer to the most archaic reference number that can be used in the overall decoration and to create amulets.

Symbol Value   Symbol Value
Rock     Svarog, Sun, Reality
Swa Kolo, Kolo Svarog Colo Reveal   Underground sun, Kolo Navi
Makos   Star-Makoshna, star Rozhanitsy
  Fire, force and motion.
Swastikas direct
    Swastika reverse
  Perun, thunder god     Kolo Perun
  Yarila     Stribog,
winds Stribogovy
  Fire-Svarozhich   Agun
  Dazhbog World,
White Light
  "Closed fire"
The Forge     Forge differently can show
Land   Earth, revealed the spring
Plowed field   Field sown
Carol   Komoeditsy,
Veles day
Kupala   Tausenev
Chara   Lubchik
Coop   Fern Flower
Knotweed     "Snakes", water, moon force
Tree of Life   Mark of the Beast

Order, so you can imagine how these characters are used, look at the designs of several wards:

Two female dispersed
"Light in the House"
Amulet warrior of Perun Amulet warrior Yarily
"Four Winds"

Yes, it is — not a complete list. And a lot of examples to draw. To learn how you can get to talk ornament embroidery — it ahead. For now — try on the basis of what is on the site, to create something for myself.

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