France recorded the first death from the bacteria E.coli

According, France recorded the first death from the new strain of dangerous intestinal infection, which targeted the U.S. and Europe are already 50 people, the radio station Europe 1, with reference to the Department of Health Bordeaux.

In the statement, the victim of the bacteria E.coli strain was 78-year-old woman, was hospitalized on June 24 this year Status of the other seven patients who remain in hospital, stable.

According to preliminary data, all of the victims became newly infected at a charity dinner. Part of the vegetables served at the event was staged in Britain. In this final analysis, which would confirm that the bacterium E.Coli contaminated British vegetables, have not yet been received.

According to the latest German Institute im.Roberta Koch, the number of cases of intestinal infections in Europe exceeded four thousand. According to materials research organization in Germany recorded 3 thousand 999 cases. 122 are still living in 16 European countries.

The total number of victims of intestinal infection in Europe has grown to 50 people, one of whom died in Sweden — one in the U.S., and the rest — in the territory of Germany.

According to the health services in Europe, the source of infection was found in the bean sprouts on a farm in Lower Saxony. In this case, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the infected seeds of legumes could be imported to Europe from Egypt.
July 2, 2011

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