Friends are learned in combat

Friends are learned in combatThis young man could stay in Brazil, which was born, graduated from high school and where up to now live his ancestors and sister. Given the fact that in the "land of samba, carnival and football" almost no military draft, he would be able to fully live your life without ever touching the weapon. But Fadi Alhalek chose to return to Israel, a country of their own Protz, and to serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). "All my relatives: father, grandfather, uncles — IDF officers — explains own act 18-year-old Fadi, already passed in the course of the young Army soldier — and I'm not even on their different, I wish to make their own contribution to the family tradition."

"WIN, no matter what!"

Freshly fighter Fadi Alhalek — not Jewish, Druze and nationality. Druze, an Arabic ethno-confessional group professing extraordinary form of religion, founded in the eleventh century modern era, apparently in Egypt. Initially, Druze beliefs (self "muvahiddun" in Arabic — "monotheists") were close Shia Ismaili sect, but with approximately the fifteenth century religious contacts with the faithful Muslims Druze absolutely broke off. "Monotheists" has long lived in the Middle East. Most of them in Syria — more than 800 thousand people in Lebanon — about 500 thousand in Israel — 120 thousand

Before recreating the Jewish state in 1948, the Druze elders and leaders Hamul (tribes) have allowed the peasants own community to join the "Haganah" ("the Hebrew word" defense ") — Jewish underground military organization that fought with the British, have received in 1922" mandate "of the League of Nations on the embodiment of power in Palestine. London, in fact, brought down to the level of the Promised Land of the colony. Militants "Haganah" resisted the British in defense of the Jewish self-contained country. Specifically, based on the "Haganah" and was created by the IDF. Already in the War of Independence of 1947-1948 shoulder on shoulder with Jews fighting units of the local Druze, Circassians and Bedouins. Since 1956, Druze and Circassians are drafted into the Israeli army on a par with the Jews. A significant number of Israeli Bedouin joined the IDF voluntarily.

Alhaleki own race lead from the Israeli city of Hurfeysh, most of whose inhabitants are Druze. In fact, all the men of the city or have served in the IDF or currently continue to serve. Grandfather Fadi Said Abed Alhalek who in '73, was the first commander of the battalion of the Druze, who in 1985 called "Herev." This title was given to one of the commanders of the Battalion Colonel Navi Marai, later appointed deputy commander of the brigade, "Strip." September 26, 1996, he died in battle with Palestinian terrorists.

Interestingly translation of the word "herev" significant in Hebrew, "no matter what." As explained to me by one of the officers of the battalion "Herev", we mean that the soldiers of this unit will perform the combat puzzle, "no matter what." "And we will win, no matter what!" — Told me that the Israeli Druze officer.

As a part of this battalion created a special unit "Palsar Shahar" (full title "plyugat siyur Shahar" — "intelligence company" Dawn "), under the command of Major General Mohammed Mules. In this unit, performing special tasks, together serve Jews, Druze, Circassians and Bedouins. Note that now the Druze soldiers are serving in all divisions of the IDF.

Women of the Druze community in the army is not called for. But not so long ago, 22-year-old Tanava Tarvi, a graduate of the Institute, received a degree in criminology, was the first woman officer of the Druze community, working in the police department to combat domestic violence.


Said Abed Alhalek the first Druze IDF rank of colonel. The walls of his home area reminiscent of military glory in the unit. Group photo of recruits in 1957, prominent letters, photos of kids and grandchildren in the form of soldiers of the Israeli army.

Enrolling in officer training, Sayid met a cadet, who had come from other departments — "Sayeret Matkal" ("Special Forces General Staff"). Soon the young men became friends. The years passed. Cadet-commando, whose name Ehud Barak, was promoted to the rank of general, took over as Chief of the General Staff, and later the head of government. Now Barak — Israel's defense minister.

I Said and his wife Nufly 11 kids — five sons and six daughters. All the sons became officers of the Israeli army. 30 grandchildren nedavneshnego time to serve in the IDF nine. The rest simply draft age has not yet reached. Brazilian Fadi now brought the number of favoring its own civilian duty Israel grandchildren to the round of 10.

Fadi Almalek whose ancestors still live in Brazil, received the status of lone soldier. This status gives a lot of advantages. In 1-x, currency allowances of servicemen were increased twice — they get each month over a thousand shekels (about $ 330). In-2-x, they are paid removal of the home. And for-3's, they have the right to visit their parents or close relatives living abroad, through the Ministry of Defence. Note that Fadi Almalek — the first Druze soldiers in the middle of a loner.

When Fadi arrived at the military base, the girl-welfare officer gave him a phone card so he could call his parents. But Fadi infrequent calls home, he prefers to talk to them on Skype. Stayed with him in the "land of samba and Carnival 'girlfriend, whom he met before his departure to Israel. With it, he communicates through Facebook. Soldiers are entitled to single yearly vacation to "furlough" at home, and Fadi hopes that soon having seen with his own woman.

I must say that Fadi, although born in Brazil, the third and fourth classes graduated in Israel, for 10 years ago, his ancestors together with him and his sister back to the Jewish government, where he lived for two years. It so happened that in the IDF Fadi met four of their own friends that broke up in the age of 10. These men assist him to learn Hebrew, which Fahd very rusty in the last eight years of living in Brazil. However, in the family home Fadi The everyday Arabic remained the language he knows quite well. In a conversation with these Abramov, the correspondent of "Yediot Aharonot" ("Breaking News") — a popular destination for most of the Israeli newspaper, Fadi said, "Arabic and Portuguese is much more difficult, and the Hebrew language is similar to the Arabic." After completing the course the young fighter, he began to learn Hebrew programmke made up for it a battalion officer and educator.

Army slang native of Brazil learned perfectly. "The fastest I have been given the word" rise "and" duty "- laughing, continued to own Fadi — because I can not bring their own comrades, who are rising simultaneously on alert and never forgets about his duty." Fadi diligently taught Hebrew, and in relation to its neighbors by an army tent serves Portuguese teacher. During the course of the young soldier he met a "soldier's", which has recently immigrated from Brazil. "Intimate conversations in Portuguese in the Middle Eastern desert has left unforgettable memory," — says Fadi with ecstasy. According to him, at first he was afraid of guns. "It is particularly afraid to take over a grenade — recognized native Fadi — but after the first shot
horror as his hand shot."

Dreams of becoming a general fighter, and friends — Diplomats

Fadi feels Israeli, Druze and Brazilian immediately. His grandfather Said Abed, which never lost communication with the IDF, now, thanks to her grandson feels a special involvement in the army. "Of course, I am constantly mindful of our home military tradition — says Fadi Alhalek — and so proud of the service in the IDF."

Examples of the young Israeli soldierdruse may serve as his own countrymen. Youssef Michelet — the first representative of the Druze community in Israel, rising to the rank of general IDF. From 2001 to 2008 he headed the command of the rear, and from 2003 to 2008 year served as coordinator of the IDF's actions with the Palestinian security services. Brigadier General Hasson Hasson in 2008, serves as military secretary to the president of Israel. Hasson — the first Druze, who took the highest office. Major General Hussain Fares command of the entire border police. But Fadi particularly admires his countrymen Majali Wahabi, the Knesset (Israel's parliament), the coming ally of Ariel Sharon, who Israeli favorite trusted most important assignments. Wahabi — the first non-Jew, who served in February 2007, the acting president of Israel. Knows and Fadi Ayoub Kara's family history, MK, Minister for Development of the Negev and the Galilee, a personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Father, two brothers and two uncles were killed in the fighting Cara against the enemies of Israel. The last soldier "Hereva" Walid Mansour now serves as Israel's ambassador to Peru. In April 2012, the representative of the Druze community Naim Arad was appointed Ambassador of New Zealand to Israel. Fadi Alhalek not decided whether he would continue his military career or prefer diplomacy.

In the book by Israeli historian Shimon Avivi "Israel's policy towards friends. 1947-1967 ", namely, discusses the Druze soldiers and officers who heroically fought the enemies of the Jewish country and committed deeds on the battlefield. Representatives of the Druze community participated in all the wars fought by Israel. In the confrontation with the enemies of Israel Local friends had lost about 800 of their own sons. At the military cemetery in Hurfeysh created Memorial Druze IDF soldiers. In this cemetery is buried a relative of the family Alhalek Colonel Nabya Mirin (1954-1996), who was killed a Palestinian sniper after the end of the negotiations that led to the Mirim officers Palestinian state autonomy.

Palestinian terrorists have not given up the practice of kidnapping Druze soldiers. In May 2005, in his own native village when returning to the military base was abducted Israeli Druze soldier Majdi Halabi. Native Majdi together with the Israeli public organization "Le hofesh" ("Born Free") offer for any reliable information about stolen credit of $ 10 million

"I know that at a meeting with the terrorist finger on the trigger of his rifle must be tough — says Fadi. — And I also know that an Israeli soldier had not firing indiscriminately. " The young man knows that his Brazilian friends envy him, "got the opportunity to serve in the Israeli army." A reporter's question: "What would you recommend to soldiers who come to Israel without their parents and relatives?" — Fadi Alhalek replied: "First of all, they need to sort out internally — if indeed this is what they dream of. If a hard decision is made, then we can celebrate and justify all that you — a real man. "

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