Friendship in exchange for helicopters and armored vehicles

Friendship in exchange for helicopters and armored vehiclesHave you ever heard of such an incredible phenomenon as "humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation addressed to anyone." In-the-by … And she (humanitarian aid), it turns out, happens … And not just happen, and people can relate to, even in foreign countries. And the police still can our "humanitarian" assist foreigners? — Asks the interested reader. — Neuzh a rubber batons or police suhpaykom? But irony aside, for approximately the expected manner and real support from the Russian law enforcement agencies of their own Kyrgyz colleagues.

At the end of last week from Bishkek came the information that the Kyrgyz law enforcement will not mind in this case the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan will allocate for the rest of the warehouses an old police uniform, which has become a "hazing" after the well-known to the renaming militia into police. This was stated by Managing the press service of the Ministry of the Interior Kyrgyzstan Sovereign Seitov. According to him, the Kyrgyz police staged a 40 thousand sets of Russian form, which is "very similar" in the form of Kyrgyz law enforcement — only chevrons alter …

It turns out that about 3 years ago so makarom Our homeland has helped brotherly Kyrgyz police, but with the 2009 Russian form, as claimed by the officer of the 1st District Department of Bishkek, much worn out, frayed by the wind and exposed to the scorching sun of the Kirghiz. That is why waiting Kyrgyz law enforcement that Russian Interior Ministry will not leave them in a failure, because the book specifically Kyrgyz police uniform in Bishkek, according to the press service, no matter what …

How to read a classic:

Ah, those that you sent
Last week,
We have long been eaten
And wait, can not wait,
When did you send it again
For our dinner
A dozen or so …

But this is not all the help that is waiting for the Kyrgyz police from their own Russian colleagues. Apart from the shape, so — incidentally, Bishkek asks Moscow 5 BTR-80, 2 helicopters, 500 grenade launchers, 18 trucks, body armor, police helmets, radios, tents, cars Gazelle, 15 buses, SVD, guns, night vision goggles and almost everything else.

In this case, one would imagine that Kyrgyzstan is going to have to buy all of the Russian Federation, because the government has positioned itself as a kind which is independent and embarked on the path of market economy. But no. Why borrow when you can just ask for good, because if our home will not make concessions fraternal, then one will have to start a new round of market trade about finding a base at Kant and other military facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation Kyrgyzstan. Of course, that weighty debt write-off in respect of Kyrgyzstan did not go in vain and is already beginning to bear fruit … I wish the best, but got a write-off … It was aimed at making actively develop business partnerships between countries, effectively agree to extend the term of the Russian base in the areas of Kyrgyzstan, and of the future to attract Bishkek on certain criteria in the Customs alliance. But Bishkek decided that if left debt relief, it is possible to go even further in the conversation with Russia: first form (Say, it's still old and not suitable for you), and later guns, armored vehicles, helicopters, and later you can once again look forward to a spectacular loan which in the end is still no payment.

No, no one is going to argue with the fact that our homeland — not a poor country, and allow yourself to share with the brotherly people of Kyrgyzstan (and even more so with its police) can. But somehow for the near future Russia had time to accustom itself to the fact that the world can be free cheese only in a place known to all. And if an agreement to pay rent in the area Kyrgyzstan by the Russian army signed, then the next request something in return for the same Kant attributed to forgive, be subjected to restructuring or sent as humanitarian aid — is even looks like an obvious blackmail. Say, if the states want to be friends, then let's — coaxing us more coaxing us completely. Yes we are, in principle, is not against it. Friends decided to bestow gifts, but that's history can teach us anything … There was a time when our country out of the goodness of spiritual sprayed on the improvement of life in the same Baltic republics, exposing them as the Soviet mart. In one state, like, lived, and therefore on the carve-up of first and second grade was obviously not appropriate. But that's just for some reason now all these investments are presented as "occupant insinuations" that were used in order to confuse aimed at all times on the path of democratization and independence of the Baltic ordinary citizen. At least, the power of 3 "jaded Russian occupation" of concrete and they say. And where is the guarantee that we will again fails to present such claims: an attempt to "buy" the incorruptible Kyrgyz law enforcement agencies, for example … After all, in the Central Asian country governments can actually vary from uncontrolled regularity. And from the change of power in Kyrgyzstan for the tremendous desire of external and internal forces is unlikely to save Equipped form of an old Russian Kyrgyz police, even armed with Russian sniper rifles and night vision devices. Here it is necessary to choose a completely different mechanisms of cooperation (again, specifically cooperation, rather than the fact that this concept is replaced), and no statements about the need to allocate more unusual than humanitarian aid.

Well, in general, since when guns, helicopters and armored personnel carriers, 80 were included in your humanitarian aid like? ..

It should be noted that the Russian Federation has plans to actually complete re-Kyrgyz army (of course, with the active support of the plans on the part of Kyrgyzstan itself) to be implemented with the start of next year. It is, in a certain judgments must be free from outside Kyrgyzstan (U.S.) depending in the supply of machinery and implements. When taking into account the fact that the number of Kyrgyz army is about 15 thousand people, the rearmament would look completely real. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact who do the most to the rearmament of the Russian army everything is going to put it mildly, not quite smoothly. And that will have to re-equip the army not only in Kyrgyzstan, but the Interior Ministry of the country, speaking, as it were, in general, did not go …

Apparently, the Kyrgyz authorities have once again shown some special math, according to which the friendship between countries should be based only on the real component. Something like, helicopters and armored personnel carriers in exchange for an indestructible friendship …

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