German Gref: Scary, if the power is in the hands of the people

Sberbank head at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, saying that he would be scared if the power is in the hands of the people. "You say terrible things. You offer to transfer power effectively in the hands of the population — scared panelists Gref. — As soon as ordinary people understand the basis of the self, self-identify, manage, ie manipulate them will be extremely difficult. "

People do not want to be manipulated when they have knowledge, he said. The head of Sberbank was referring to the great thinkers, "such as Lao — Tzu," which came up with their own theories, "encrypts, afraid to convey to the common people." He also recalled the Confucius began as a Democrat, and then created the doctrine of the division of society into strata. In Jewish culture, Gref said, Kabbalah gave science of life, and three thousand years was a secret doctrine, "because people understand what a lift the veil from the eyes of millions, to make them self-sufficient."

"How to manage them? Any mass management implies an element of manipulation, "- said the head of the concern Gref.Osobuyu Savings Bank is a society in which" all have equal access to information. "" How to live, how to manage such a society where everyone has the opportunity to judge directly, not receive the prepared information not through the government-trained analysts, political scientists and huge machines with deliveries head media, which, as it were independent, and in fact, we understand that all the media are busy preserving strata? "- Gref said.

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