Ghosts of Keanu Reeves


American parapsychologists have recently made a sensational statement: Keanu Reeves may have an immortal being! Comparing photos of actor 22 years ago when he starred in the film "The Extraordinary Adventures of Bill and Ted," and today, they came to the conclusion that in 2011 — even with a beard! — It looks like a 25 year old guy.

According to the actor, he repeatedly saw the ghosts believe in UFOs, spontaneous self-ignition of human psychics and other world

Anticipating questions skeptics, researchers agree that the immortal, if they really exist, at regular intervals, are forced to change their identity. It did so (and maybe still does) the unforgettable Saint-Germain. So, digging in historical archives, parapsychologists have discovered that Keanu Reeves is strikingly similar to a number of historical celebrities.

For example, the legendary king of the Franks of Charlemagne. Mysterious, by the way, a person! Date and place of his birth is still not precisely defined. In addition, despite the fact that Carl had at the court of personal biographer, in the archives there is no mention of its origin, childhood and adolescence. As if he appeared out of nowhere at a mature age.

Speaking of age. Despite the confusion with the date of birth on all documents equally said that the king died in 814, at the age of 72 years, that basically incredible for the days when people considered long-lived by reaching a maximum of 50 years!

Another oddity is that being a perfectly healthy man, Carl in the year 813 unexpectedly announced a successor to his son Louis, and a few months later, suddenly died. And that is at least strange, solemn funeral, laid the king and emperor of the Roman Empire, was not. According to the "last will" of the deceased, within two hours after the statement of the death of Charles, in the chilly weather, the rain, some close friends put his body in a grave dug quickly and buried as some unknown beggar!

Unbelievable? But still it was so!


Of the more close to us historical figures, which is strikingly similar to Keanu Reeves, American parapsychologists called French doctor, and then the actor famous "Comedie Francaise" Fields Mun.

The researchers note that in addition to the resemblance Reeves and Muna unites almost identical style of acting. From which it is concluded that the immortal Reeves specifically went to the XIX century to the actors to learn how to "multiple identities", so much so in the profession since then and paused.

It is believed that Paul Mun died in 1922, a 75-year life, from the "disease", but no history of the disease or other documents which it has not yet been found. However, there are memoirs of contemporaries, from which it follows that for a year before his death, Muna, who had excellent health for his age, he left the stage, broke with all your friends and retired to his country house.

Blessed gift

Mysticism, and more! Despite the fact that even in this "study" (though in quotes, though without) is not a grain of truth, but far-fetched historical facts, nevertheless today's life is filled to the brim with Reeves' mysterious and improbable events.

According to the actor, he repeatedly saw the ghosts believe in UFOs, spontaneous self-ignition of human psychics and the underworld.

Once, after a whole series of disasters of his loved ones, Reeves in search of the meaning of life came to New York in the salon clairvoyant. And the experience of dealing with it shook him to the core.
"She told me about my family, my past and my friends is that, in principle, could not know — admired actor. — Her knowledge of the names, dates and events were so specific and accurate down to the smallest detail, what I truly believe in the fact that some people in the world do possess supernatural powers, the so-called blessed gift, and that clairvoyance is real!

At the same time, I learned that clairvoyance — is a level of energy to understand and explain that from a scientific point of view, people do not. And that real psychics (not cheaters) believe that their ability to see through a person is a gift of a spiritual nature. Recognizing this, they feel the need to share that gift with those who need help. To be "blessed" — it is a huge responsibility. "


In parting, the psychic told the actor that awaits him in the future, and said that he himself has a rather weighty share of psychic energy. That's when Keanu finally realized that the hallucinations, which he had previously suffered from time to time, and not hallucinations at all, but the real vision of ghosts!

The first time it happened to him at age five. "It was in New Jersey — says Keanu. — I was sitting on the bed, my sister was asleep, sitting on a chair next to the nurse and lecture me. Suddenly through the door, entered the room … white double-breasted suit! And he walked up and down without a body and legs — just a suit.

I looked from him, then a nanny who slowly slipped from his chair with a twisted mouth open in horror. And then the costume just disappeared into thin air. After that I have not slept all night and in the morning my mother told about the incident. My mother called the nurse, but she brazenly with a view said that it was not in the room at night and I do not imagined. "

In the summer of 2001, while filming in Austin, Keanu was sitting on the veranda restaurant with her colleague actress when right in front of their table, materialized out of thin air ghost Jennifer Syme — Bride Reeves, who died in a car crash in April of the same year!

Actor nearly fainted from what he saw, and then, grasping the hand of the actress, said, "Do you see her?" She said yes, but then when the ghost disappeared, asked Keanu not to mention her name, if he wants to tell someone this history, or above it will be laughing …

Trembling, the envoys of Hell!

In a recent interview, Reeves lamented the fact that people from the government's hard to hide the truth about extraterrestrials, and "armchair" scientists in their support. However, in his opinion, only crazy people can believe that, but us in the universe there is no other intelligent beings.
"Cosmos — a rather spacious place — the actor exclaims. — And certainly highly life exists not only on our planet. However, believe in it so far only one, the rest will believe in aliens only when faced with them face to face anywhere in Central Park in New York, as it is in my picture "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

Now, after a successful film career, he will be able to take the fight with the envoys of Hell

By the way, a big fan of shooting in the science fiction and mystery films, Keanu ahead of the release in 2012, the long-awaited "Constantine 2," said the long conversations with professional exorcists and even personal presence at several sessions of exorcism were not for him in vain. Now, after a successful film career, he will be able to take the fight to the messengers of hell.

Perhaps this is not just a statement in one of his past lives Keanu Reeves really engaged in the expulsion of demons out of people …

Gennady Fedotov

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