Ghosts of the London Underground

September 23, 2012 21:02

Start of construction of underground At number 32 of the magazine "Mysteries of the twentieth century" this year we told you about the most amazing five metros of the world and promised continued — the mystical mysteries of the metro. This article focuses on anomalous phenomena, occurring regularly in the London Underground — the oldest on the planet.

Victims of the "black death"

London Underground began to build in 1860, and three years later opened the first line, consisting of seven platforms. Now the capital of the UK underground has two hundred seventy stations, but about forty of them are completely abandoned. Of course, these "ghost station" like a magnet attract diggers and adventurers who, in turn, are the creators of myths and horror stories that tell about the mysterious inhabitants of the dark underground tunnels and covered with years of dust platforms.
The most famous heroes of the first branches of the London Underground — the souls of the dead and deprived people of their graves. Where are they from? Very simple. First subway built open way: digs deep and wide ditch in the right direction.

Usually dug directly on the roadway, but if you come across on the way home, they had to be demolished. Trench walls strengthened, were built on top of the arch was made flooring, then all covered with earth, lays stone blocks, and the street you first opened it. True, it had already passed under shallow (up to five meters), but the long and fairly wide tunnel is quite sufficient for the passage of trains. Now, there is a legend that when laying the first subway builders repeatedly stumbled on graves — hundreds of human bodies were clearly once piled haphazardly in large pits and covered with lime. Of course, working on such findings were not amused, especially after the government hesitated, officially reported that the burial — the medieval plague victims.

Vagabonds 'underground'

No one wanted to mess with the reburial of "plague" of the remains, but because building owners had to pay a lot of money just for the fact that the bones were simply removed from the road. Let's try to count: "Black Death" in the years 1348-1349 destroyed two-thirds of the population of London and the surrounding villages, which, at a conservative estimate was about 60,000 people. In 1666 the plague to get hold of another 70,000 casualties. Now, assuming that the builders found only a small part of, say, one percent of the tombs, in any case, we have a portfolio of over a thousand ghosts, let disgruntled deprivation common, but still grave. Now these same ghosts have every right to live in underground caves, once the final resting place of their destroyed.
The second, more modest in size is made up of a group of ghosts residents subway — former homeless people, criminals and other persons with a questionable past who chose his underground home as soon as he opened the first station. There, under the platforms, they lived and worked their dirty work, and died there, and they continue to scare passengers phantoms, appearing suddenly out of a dark corner, requiring the habit money or your life, and scornfully rejecting credit cards.
Gifted imagination Londoners say these ghosts eat spiders and rats, but with a special varnish hunting stray tourists in the subway.

Elite world of ghosts

Closed platform "Eldvich" where the ghost is haunting actress

Of course, in addition to the faceless "plague" of ghosts and underground pals last century, many of the old London Underground live their own ghosts, then the individual, full of history and it is a sweet temper.
These ghosts are the pride of the British "underground" subway workers cherish them and regularly drive to the stations of tourists to show off phenomenon. For example, staff opened in 1907 and closed in 1994, the platform "Eldvich" happy to tell you about a certain actress who once competed in the local theater, which, incidentally, was located right on the station, which is interesting in its own way . This actress, or disappointed in his own talent, or a little kooky from the regular passing of trains, after a not very successful, judging from the results, performance, decided to play the role of Anna Karenina and was on rails.
Now her ghost is haunting nights at the station "Eldvich", sometimes looking at the adjacent platform. True, does not manifest itself except footprints in areas where rare mop looks cleaner.

Egyptian guest

People in London during the bombing were hiding underground

But in a closed station in 1933 "British Museum" brazenly walks a real ancient Egyptian. That is, of course, his ghost.
What wind guests from the great pyramids skidded in Albion, and even in the subway — no one knows. But an Egyptian Londoners firmly believe. Even before the war, one London newspaper offered a reward to anyone who is not afraid of the ghost, and dare to spend the night at the station. But brave at that time was not, or did not seem appropriate reward to risk. In any case, the newspaper remained "in their", and soon after the war began, and hundreds of people have spent the night at a subway station, not thinking about some sort of ghost.
Since the subway — it is primarily the railroad, in this article, it is impossible not to mention the Ghost Train. Many of those who regularly rides the station "South Kensington", they say that in the tunnel sometimes comes across the same train that most mysteriously disappeared in 1982. The train had no passengers and was walking to the depot. But, having slipped "South Kensington", he seemed to dissolve.
He did not appear in the depot, and at other stations. The train driver and no one else has ever seen.

The scheme of the London Underground.  1908

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