Google will protect the rights of homosexuals worldwide

Google Inc. has decided to fight for the rights of sexual minorities around the world. On Saturday, July 7, it has launched a global campaign under the slogan «Legalize love» — «Legalize Love." Its purpose — to defend the rights of the LGBT community, especially in countries where it is oppressed at the official level.

According to Mashable, IT-giant will defend the rights of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people in the countries where the company has offices. Special attention will be given to states where there is homophobic culture, or law. Google will start its operations from Singapore.

Senior Representative of Mark Palmer Eddzhekamb at the summit «Global LGBT Workplace» in London, said: "We want our staff members who are gay, lesbian or transgender, could count on the same relation to him outside the office, which exists within it. This is our biggest and most ambitious project. " He also said that Google intends to advocate for the rights of gays and lesbians, especially in countries where the LGBT community is oppressed by the state.

This is not the first step for the corporation for the rights of sexual minorities. For example, when the state of California passed a law banning same-sex couples to marry, the Corporation launched a protest in the media company. And during a gay parade «Gay pride», search engine, in solidarity with homosexuals decorated his front page of the web of the LGBT rainbow logo.

Google office in Moscow was founded in 2005. Level of homophobia among the population in Russia is one of the highest in Europe. At the official level consistently rejected requests for gay pride parades and detained participants of the unauthorized actions. In regionahprinimayutsya laws against very widely is perceived "homosexual propaganda." Based on this, we can assume that Google will implement its program in support of sexual minorities in our country.

PS: After such a scary thought, what's going on in the offices of the company. Solid Sodom and Gomorrah, and all the holes.

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