How I would like to live in one of Belarus, which is shown on BT

Company's main theme in the mail "Freedom" is still the campaign. Until the day of primary voting — just a month, but for the majority of Belarusians who get their information from the state media, the names of opponents of Alexander Lukashenko, their political and economic programs remain a mystery. State television and radio in these days filled mostly cheerful messages about the successes and achievements of the current government.

Our listener Igor Pasnova from Vitebsk, from a letter which will start today's conversation, outraged statements from officials about how the election campaign in the country takes place in a democratic and free. Mr. Igor wrote:

"What is it free, if people every day shamelessly brainwashed by state television and radio? Persuade, as we live well, how wonderful our hospitals, schools. Word, is not life, but a fairy tale. How would I like to live in the Belarus which is shown on BT! And there is someone to get out of this sweet sleeping sickness, to face the truth, then it right — stick to the head.

I — a pediatrician, so often talk with the parents of their young patients. I know what is being done at the enterprises of the city. Plants lined tribute. The authorities forced to shell out for the so-called improvement. And what is being done on the plants themselves? In what condition are they in? Not far from me — a company of tractor spare parts. The picture on the production — as in the film "Stalker". The roof leaks, the machine shop is closed film to in the rain is not flooded. People are freezing since fall, forced to work in street clothes. Did electroplating, and can not run: no money for treatment plants. But four billion rubles for the deepening of the channel of the Dvina and pleasure steamer found. There's been a month working state control. But is unlikely to find. It is understandable: they are all under the governor Kosinets …

Wrote about President Lukashenko. But am sure all will send down by the persons involved. Again, start bullying, psychological pressure, intimidation — rather than to sort out the issue on the merits.

It is clear that the pleasures of this, I do not get. But I see: you can not go on living. We can not tolerate that he would come the next commission will be talking to black it — white. But I like Julius Fucik, again and again I will say: "People, beware!" And here and there I hear ".

Last week the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Lukashenko Mackay reported that the number of complaints to the local authorities for the past three years is increasing. And the greatest growth — in the Vitebsk region (approximately 40 percent). The meeting on the subject head of Vitebsk region Kosinets Alexander Lukashenko particularly harsh criticism and even threatened to fire him. The occasion was, however, not neglect hospitals and factory floors, and a statement from Braslau women who came to Minsk to complain that the local collective farm equipment made to clean the grain on the farm. Crop was lost as a result.

According to official sources, Lukashenko took the officials to solve all the problems with human complaints are not more than a week. However, we can remember that about the same threatening statements to the heartless, callous, indifferent officials heard from the lips of Lukashenko and sixteen years ago, when he had just won the election. And won, by the way, not least because of the promises of the curb and humanize the bureaucracy.

Many of our students believe that the outcome of the December presidential election is predetermined. The author of one of the letters on this subject — Vasily Zawadzki of Maladzechna — Believes that the opposition in the election campaign has no chance. The listener writes:

"I think that none of the opposition candidate has any significant number of votes. In the media are not shown. And if they give airtime an hour, most people do not even notice it. And the common people — pensioners, peasants — a mountain behind Lukashenko. Wherefore he has full confidence in his victory.

Now — on the other. In the programs of "Freedom," a lot of information that you will not find anywhere else. You are doing a good deed. Unfortunately, many people do not have the possibility to listen to you. However, in our Maladzechna at the fair recently begun to emerge from the short wave receivers. It is hoped that the increase of people who will know the truth about what is happening in Belarus ".

To say that the peasants and pensioners "are behind a mountain of Lukashenko," one would perhaps then, Mr. Basil, if there were exact results of public opinion surveys conducted by credible sociological services. But the activities of independent social scientists in Belarus is severely restricted. Until surveys conducted by government agencies for public money and consistently show support for Lukashenko at 60 and 70 percent, you do not trust too much.

Has no hope of rapid political changes in Belarus and Ales Stankevich of Grodno. He believes that the December elections will be held under the old system, not just the proven power for the last 16 years. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes:

"It is clear that Lukashenko is going to part with power, and therefore hold a so-called" elections "in accordance with well-established scenario. And how else? If he loses power, then an independent investigation may reveal the mysterious disappearance of Hanchar, Zakharenko Krasousky — and Then you can sit in the dock.

How, then, to resist rigging? I think that the only solution could be a boycott. Or to act in accordance with the previous scenario, the proposed Pazniak — tear off a piece of the bulletin and pass a special collectors.

But the most important thing now — to establish a mass agitation against Lukashenko, strengthening independent radio and TV channel "Belsat". We must get to have as many people there were satellite "dish" to live in an independent were talented and smart speakers that would disclose the true nature of the regime ".

I do not think Ales, there is a sense in some special campaign against Lukashenko, Belarusians to explain his point. The bottom line for 16 years, all who would have considered, and the calls are useless here. What's missing from a lot of people in Belarus — so this is an objective truth about what is happening in and around the country. Citizens will know the truth — do yourself a conscious choice in favor of the path that will lead them and their state of freedom and democracy.

In a review of mail on September 1 letter sounded Michael medications from Riga with the answer to the question — what money leaders of the Belarusian opposition are sent to foreign travel. And now — a new letter from our Latvian listener. Mr. medications writes:

"Well, now radio listeners will know that the Belarusian opposition did not travel abroad on their hard-earned money, and the means of those who invite the opposition. Note here that our postage and numerous phone calls on the Belarusian Freedom I pay out of their own personal means: no I have the money does not.

But in general, that the Belarusian opposition, I think so. If she was an elementary unity, and that there would be money in Belarus — and to travel, and more. But this unity is not. Therefore, it is now clear that the opposition in principle (by definition) can not win the presidency. Indeed, the majority of Belarusians will never vote for a man who claims to the presidency while taking money from foreigners to travel ".

Controversial statement, Mr. medications. If you've been following the publication of the
Belarusian theme, could not help but notice what a scandal erupted in May and June in Austria — around the former leaders of the National Olympic Committee of the country, who paid vacation Belarusian president and his entourage in 2002 in the Alps. Let me remind you: in March of that year, Alexander Lukashenko, accompanied by nearly twenty people spent time on the slopes, in the hotels and restaurants of the alpine republic. All costs (around 200,000 euros), as reported by the Austrian press, have taken the hospitable hosts, the Austrians.

And at the end — a letter from the Rosalie Rubinchik from Minsk, which for many years trying to awaken society to the mercy of defenseless animals. Listener writes:

"Here again, in Belarus have given the green light to all types of hunting. Especially encouraging foreigners, because they are willing to pay for the murder of currency. Even in the Bialowieza Forest fire in the animals listed in the Red Book — bison, referring to the fact that some of them are subject to vybrakovtsy . But why not let them die a natural death? Why do I need to kill? way to pecked bison need to shell out 5,000 euros. Did not these bloody money more than the life of an animal?

In the cities the situation is also pathetic. By stray animals are treated like garbage, destroying their most brutal, inhuman way. And the protests zoozaschitnikov authority does not respond — however, like all the other needs of the people ".

What can I say, Madam Rubinchik … Belarus is the only country in Europe where the state employs the death penalty. At the same bodies of those executed are not issued to relatives and kept secret even the burial place. In a society that tolerates such an order, the big problem with the grace and in the relations between people, and in respect for all living things.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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