Human memory can be erased

September 23, 2012 15:25

As stated by the Swedish researchers, they can save people from unwanted memories. Memory management rights — it is one of the most popular methods in the Scripting sci-fi movies. And now it is becoming reality: scientists from the Swedish University of Uppsala, made the breakthrough: their discovery will heal too depressed and anxious people.

According to experts, in the memory of man can remove the newly emerged memories, so-called short-term memory. As one of the sponsors Thomas Agren, eventually their work will help to improve the treatment of millions of people who suffer from phobias, anxiety, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress.

When the human brain processes information, it begins to be deposited in it as a long-lasting memories, thanks runningaway specific proteins. At a time when the memories start to retrieve the memory becomes unstable, while the process to implement the information in long-term memory will not start again. In other words, it means that we do not remember what really happened initially. There is not a static nature of memories.

According to scientists, the memories of something eventually become mene accurate, and as a result can be reversed. That is, in fact, a person does not remember the events in his memory last memory of them. And the reason for this is that the human brain always tailors information.

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"Storm of consciousness" from "loud case"

According to the CIA, but in 1975 in the Soviet Union for research in the field of parapsychology spent about 70 million rubles. Reading and transmission of thoughts, telekinesis, programming people an alternative vision, clairvoyance — could pass intelligence studies of these and other paranormal and phenomena? Security officers, come into contact with the press and early fall of classified information. Why? Then it became impossible to conceal the situation gets out of control and technology sprawl.
"… It will still be pseudoscience, do not recognize the reality of the existence of those facts. But as long as it is used by special services, who are you to recognize the whole thing, "- says the modern psycho-technology and paranormal abilities of man KGB Major General, former deputy head of the Security Service of the Russian President Georgi Rogozin.
"When announce anything pseudoscience, a method of controlling people's minds. Just limit them to the knowledge of the right or left, and it takes constant "- says Maina Polyachenko, researcher of the Central Research Laboratory of Psychophysiology and correction at the KGB.
Today, security services are an obstacle to the Research in psy-source technologies and their uncontrolled use. Closing theme from society threatens the ecology of the living environment, mental, spiritual and physical health of each individual and the nation as a whole, and thus the security of the state.
Maina told Polyachenko (Fellow of the Central Research Laboratory of Psychophysiology and correction at the KGB), a leading expert of the anonymous and paleonauk paleotehnology YPA National Security Academy of Russia, Leonid Karetnikov (expert IPO Academy of National Security of Russia), Boris Ratnikov (KGB Major General former Deputy Chief of), George Rogozin (KGB Major General, former deputy chief of the Presidential Security Service of Russia), Alexander Shepovalnikov (professor, senior researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry. Sechenov Academy of Sciences), Svyatoslav Medvedev (member of RAS, Director of the Institute of Human Brain), Natalia spondylitis (of RAS and RAMS, scientific director of the Institute of Human Brain of RAS), Vladimir Bronnikov (psychic), Victor Pashkevich (Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences), Alexander Levit (psychic), Illaria Freiman ( psychic), Vladimir Pugachev (PhD) and Irina Freiman (MD, professor).

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