Human rights activists report to the UN on torture Bondarenko

Belarusian human rights activists propose to consider businessman Andrei Bondarenko, a political prisoner and prepared an appeal to the UN on Torture concluded in Bobruisk colony.

Treatment of human rights defenders addressed the UN special representative on torture and unwarranted detentions. On the eve of human rights activists have studied the complaint Andrei Bondarenko at the way he was treated in Bobruisk colony, said human rights activist of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyaila:

"A letter is sent to the complaints of a lot of pressure, do respect him. It is illegal placement in solitary confinement unfounded imposition of disciplinary sanctions, when he still was not considered convicted. It is known that he was even denied medical care if it was him very much needed. Today, Monday, we finally edited our appeal. "

More than a month ago, Andrei Bondarenko was put in solitary confinement for a week formally, because he refused to work on the production, which uses a dangerous gas fenol. A week later the sentence was extended for once alleged that Andrew refused to work on the clean-up. Another week passed, and again the prisoner was placed in solitary confinement for being on his bed, he posted a picture of religious content. Last week, Andrei Bondarenko after the lock-up placed in a prison cell, a special room for those who "do not mend his way," said the father prisoner Valeri Bondarenko:

Valeri Bondarenko

"It's even worse lock-up — top of what they have in the colonies. They reinforce the pressure on him, and how? That's right, zmyastsivshy in a cell-type. There he could sleep only 6 hours, and then had to walk. Sit or sleep on the same floor that will not, she's concrete. "

In parallel with the appeal to the UN human rights defenders Genepralnuyu sent a complaint to the prosecutor's office and the Department of Corrections Internal Affairs, there to check the legitimacy of the jailers who repeatedly placed Bondarenko prisoner in solitary confinement. As for the appeal to the UN, Harry Pahanyaila notes that the procedure of such an appeal will result in the appointment of another additional check. Human rights activists hope that under the control of the UN Belarusian police will be more difficult to hide the truth about getting along with Andrei Bondarenko.

Also, together with human rights defenders, "Spring" and other human rights organizations issued an appeal to the international organization Human Rights Watch on granting the status of political prisoner Andrei Bondarenko.

Harry Pahanyaila

Gaddafi"It is worth remembering that he was actively involved in the activities of the United Civil Party, his party supported the United Civil Party in the parliamentary elections in 2008, and it was he who sent letters of election fraud, even wrote to the presidential administration. And organized persecution, as many believe, it was in retaliation for a civil position. "

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko was arrested in the summer of 2009, and since then he's being held in jail. Early 2010 businessman was sentenced to 6 years with confiscation of property for the theft of company property. Andrei Bondarenko pleaded not guilty and said prosecution for political reasons, in particular, in retaliation for participation in the 2008 parliamentary elections. Behind bars Andrei Bondarenko twice held a hunger strike, he was repeatedly placed in solitary confinement prison for allegedly violating prison orders.


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