Hurricane in the Saratov region of the roof damaged 40 homes

Emergency repair work is carried out in two settlements of the Saratov region, where on Friday 40 hurricane damaged roofs of private houses and five social institutions, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, spokesman for the governor of Nina Popova.

According to the regional GUMCHS, at night and during the day on Friday in some places in the Saratov region were thunderstorms, hail, with squally thunderstorms observed strong winds with gusts up to 17-22 meters per second.

"None of the residents was injured. Tselinny Perelyubskogo In the village area (area) varying degrees of damage to the roof were 20 houses, partial disclosure of school and home culture. Village Solyanka Ozinskogo area too at about 20 homes were damaged roof varying degrees, partly damaged the roof of school , cultural and kindergarten, "- said the agency interlocutor.

She said that only in the virgin are 270 houses in Solyanka — 230.

"The governor has set the task as soon as possible to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane. On behalf of the head of the region to the place left Lieutenant Governor and the Minister for territorial" — said Popov.

According to the report of the regional government, in addition to damage to the roof of houses and social facilities in the squally wind snapped Solyanka and virgin power lines, felled trees, resulting in gas supply was disrupted communities.

"In communities affected by the disaster, quickly organized the work of all technical services for the restoration of electricity and gas," — noted in the government.

Authorities estimate the level of damage to the region for further decision to provide financial assistance, it is specified in the release.

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