Hurricane Irene is preparing a surprise for the Americans — tornadoes. First video

Hurricane "Irene" hit the metropolis of New York, its streets deserted, writes Russian world. Completely halted public transport. People fled to shelters and homes. Up to this point managed to evacuate 500,000 residents of the city, the streets of which more and more resembles the situation during the fighting. Huge threat seems probable tornadoes, the occurrence of which meteorologists have warned. Has already killed more than 10 people, among them — 11-year-old child. The first video destructive power of Hurricane "Irene" appeared on the web, some of them are posted below.

Hurricane watch live here:


Watch live streaming video from breakinglivenow at


Americans know how to make a show out of any, even the most tragic incident, writes Thus, the most powerful hurricane "Irene", which struck the eastern regions of the U.S., up to New York, became the hero of the reality show. TV broadcasters have established on the 12th floor of the headquarters of the Lifestream Global video surveillance camera that shows in real time, everything that happens in Manhattan. Anyone can out of their hiding places, and everyone in the world can watch the raging elements. At this point we already know about the nine victims of the hurricane, and apparently this figure the number of victims will not be limited.










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