I.Nikitchenko: Ionizing radiation is detrimental to all living things

The Company is an excerpt from the expert opinion of the deceased in a car crash member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Professor Ivan Nikitchenko at the request of the international environmental non-governmental organization "Bellona", based in Oslo. In October, members of the organization appealed to the Belarusian specialists, so that he gave his assessment of the experiment with gamma-irradiation of agricultural products in the seven districts of Tatarstan.

Tatar environmentalists sounded the alarm. They demanded a credible, independent expert in connection with the fact that the Moscow firm "Isotope", which is part of the corporation "Rosatom" and the government of the Republic ensured guarantee complete safety of gamma-irradiation of food, also promised 20% improvement of productivity and planning to extend its expertise to all areas of the Republic and in the future to enter the federal program for gamma sterilization of products in Russian agriculture.

Belarusian expert Ivan Nikitchenko expressed on its website "Bellona" complete disagreement in connection with such optimism.

Gamma radiation is dangerous at all for any and all organisms.

"Ionizing radiation (which generuetstsa spantantannaga a result of radioactive decay of radionuclides) harmful to all living things. Seeds of the same — a living, I am sure that the gamma-ray emission at all dangerous for any and all organisms. And if you irradiate seeds and roots of gamma radiation, then there sure there will be changes at the molecular level. Under irradiation denaturuyutstsa natural substances as a result of running out of free radicals. And it's especially dangerous for the protein molecules. "

Friends "Bellona" Nikitchenko considered one of the leading experts on human exposure to ionizing radiation. His last major study on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, Nikitchenko spent in 2008-2009. Together with colleagues and associates of the "Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives" he has traveled all over the country and with the help of the microwave (spektrometar human radiation) to check the level of radionuclides in the body and the bodies of the inhabitants of 24 Belarusian regions.

According to the most Nikitchenko from all of these regions, not one where people would become not wearing a radiation. So in the Belarusian capital of each carrier was the third, and in the Mogilev region, for example, in Bobruisk, two out of three. In the same number of Belarusian villages did not have any "pure". "Of all the tested 44 residents of a village in the Volozhinschine, without exception, were carriers of radiation. One person was even bekerelyav 77 per kilogram, which is 1.5 times the critical exponent of the "Belarusian scientist testified.

Of all the tested 44 residents of a village in the Volozhinschine, without exception, were carriers of radiation.

Very dangerous, the researchers argued, was the fact that in the contaminated territories produced a huge amount of food and agricultural products, which are distributed on all over the country.

According Nikitchenko, "each radioactive isotope that enters our body is constantly destroys vital organs. It is the heart, the heart muscle. Isotopes are constantly hitting this muscle. As a result, the muscle wears out, loses its protection and torn. Heart attack. If the isotope to get into the vessel, the vessels are torn "

In This year, in the early fall Nikitchenko together with like-minded addressed to the Belarusian Ministry of Health to ensure that they were given information about the results of the official measuring radiation doses received by radiation counters person. However, the ministry denied them in this.

The following week, Professor Nikitchenko planned to go to one of the Minsk district court with a claim to the Ministry of Health.

During conversations with the Freedom professor has repeatedly expressed his pain over the fact that every year the number of

Every year the number of Belarusians is getting smaller, and government policies aimed at making niveliravats problem.

Belarusians getting smaller that public policy is designed to niveliravats problem.

His last interview he gave to our radio a week ago.

When asked why during the current election campaign, he became one of the trustees of the presidential candidate of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymasheuski, Nikitchenko replied:

"Why I joined the Vital? Because he has one of the candidates have any questions about the Chernobyl problem. And he drove the Chernobyl region. And so I think that when you consider his faith, his business acumen, Vitali, if he is to help bring the issue to the end. "

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