I will not sign. And pass the president of Russia

Alexander Lukashenko refused to sign a new plan to use regional forces of Belarus and Russia. He called for deliveries to Belarus Russian weapons at discount prices.

"The decision on the use of regional troops — this is a serious decision, and it must be taken within the framework of the Supreme State Council. No documents in due course I will not sign. And pass the defense minister and the president of the Russian Federation ", — said Alexander Lukashenko.

He believes that the plan will be approved at the next meeting of the Supreme State Council.

"Of course, we will carry out its functions. But we are able to perform only with the support of Russia, well, even weapons.

This is not an approach where we sometimes offer to buy weapons at his own expense, and even how they are able to speak, at market prices, "- said Alexander Lukashenko, hearing the report of the plan of implementation of the regional group of forces of Belarus and Russia, Interfax reported.

He noted that "in this regard, Russia is interested in the fact that the Belarusian army was in order, so we need help."

"The contribution that we make to provide security not only our country, but brotherly Russia, and not only in Russia — is a huge contribution to peace and security <…> And so we believe all the time freeloaders. Society must know that we are not freeloaders, and so fulfill the important function of protection here in including, and the Russian state. That's the truth.

We firmly carry out their functions to protect, I believed, and still believe, our common fatherland, "- said the president of Belarus.

According to him, "with Russia, we will always be together, no matter what disasters may occur".

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