Ica stones

September 24, 2012 20:31

Ica stones

Peru resident Dr. Cabrera since 1960 gathers around the small town of Ica, located 150 kilometers from the Nazca desert, a collection of oval stones — from the very small, the size of a fist, to stokilogrammovye boulders. The entire surface is dotted with these findings, shallow, stylized drawings of people and animals.

The sheer abundance of painted rocks — a phenomenon quite unusual. Only in the collection of Cabrera, a passionate admirer of the ancient cultures of America, these stones about 12,000. Many of them got to the store, and the local museum, the samples are sold to tourists as souvenirs. The main mystery of Ica stones are the images on them. Some sharp instrument on the surface of stones scribbled sketches hunt prehistoric animals, pictures surgical transplantation of human organs, people considering something with a magnifying glass, the astronomers at the telescope, or a telescope, maps of unknown continents. These stones, some experts call the greatest discovery of the XX century.

Dr. Cabrera says all the stones were originally placed in a strictly Determination procedure that allows to use them as a library. Pacific Coast, where he found a gimmick Ica time exposed to the giant waves, winds, coastal erosion and other natural phenomena, which are mixed stone "pages." It is surprising that some of the stones of Ica can see images of the riders, and on such horses, which, according to scientists became extinct in the Americas are 150-200 thousand years ago. The obvious question is what kind of riders depicted on the stones by unknown masters? Cause even more perplexing picture, when a character sitting on a dinosaur. One is struck by one feature images of a person on the stones of Ica. He has a disproportionately large head, referring to the body of one to three or four. The head is the modern man is related to the body of one to seven. Unusual ratio proportions in the structure of the "man of Ica," according to Dr. Cabrera, said that he is not our ancestor. This is also evidenced by the structure of the hands of creatures with Peruvian drawings.

Scholar devoted to the study collection of more than ten years before being publicly made his conclusions. And one of the main — the land of ancient America lived "reasonable man" amazing knowledge which can be explained only by the intervention of alien intelligence. The stones easily adapted for the group on geographical areas, biological, ethnographic. Particularly striking stones medical subject. For example, some stones series, stage by stage, depicting a young heart transplant donor, possibly a slave, middle-aged, apparently, is extremely valuable to the community man. Here are a few scenes of youth reveal the chest, then remove the sick old man's heart, and so on. There is a stone with a picture, which showed that the operation has been completed, but the plight of the patient makes to support his life entered the laryngeal tube connected to a respirator. Among intermediate scenes particularly unusual figure where to maintain blood circulation in the body of an old man devoid of heart, its connected to the body, and therefore, to the heart of pregnant woman who feeds his own blood. Such images, among other things, show excellent knowledge of ancient human anatomy and physiology. But there are other mysteries. If you look at pictures of Ica stones, you will notice many mysterious details. For example, the use of the thumb as the index in the scenes where one character — a "teacher" — says another — "disciple" — a device of a device whose purpose is unknown.

Most scientists do not question the integrity of Dr. Cabrera. According to them, the Ica stones — one of the wonders of the XX century, the mystery is yet to be unraveled.

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