Ice conditions in the Okhotsk Sea is estimated as a complex

 Sakhalin-Kuril territorial administration (CTUU) Rosrybolovstva warns owners of fishing vessels on the difficult ice conditions in the Sea of Okhotsk, the press service of the ministry.

"According to meteorologists, as compared to the same period in 2012 today the ice situation is much more complex, heavy ice covered waters by about 15-20% more than last year. In the western and central parts of the ice cover is 9-10 . This tendency of the ice drift south through Kunashir Strait into the Pacific Ocean, "- said in a statement.

CTUU warns boat owners that, to avoid acts of God in the planning of fishing activities should be possible to take into account information about the ice situation in the navigation areas (not just the satellite images, but also information about the thickness of the ice, forecasts about his movements, etc.) and to inform the captains to abide by the attention and care as in the management of commercial and business operations in the Sea of Okhotsk and in transit passage.

In late 2010, in the Sakhalin Bay by underestimation of the ice conditions of heavy ice for almost a month stuck several vessels, the total number of crews which exceeded 500. Only a month later at the cost of the joint efforts of various departments of the court managed to safely free of ice captivity, reminds CTUU.

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