If tomorrow the war. Personal combat equipment

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment


Equipment, used military intelligence units, is essential for the subsequent reasons. In-1's, some items of equipment are expensive and, in the case of loss, can not always be filled. In-2, the very existence of a fighter and his effectiveness is heavily dependent on equipment. Hence the need to ensure proper installation and maintenance of items of equipment.

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment

Private and group instrument.

True to the preparation and conservation tools, no doubt, are more fundamental step in preparing a fighter for combat operations. With all of this you need to follow the following rules:

a. Timing tools should be fixed and iron parts taped.
b. It is true try to trim the length of the straps for the locking of guns in the commission of a parachute jump.
in. The sight should be set to the smallest distance.

Accessories for cleaning tools should be packed in a waterproof container. Accessory kit should include:

a. Wiping.
b. Brush.
in. Flannelette (5h10sm).
, the solvent / lubricant.
on the brush.
A piece of fabric is.

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment


The property is translated into a webbed, shall be situated in such a makarom to provide the utmost in convenience and safety. Incorrect placement leads to abrasions and, in certain situations, damage to equipment items.

a. Appeal with webbed.
Do not allow a very rough appeal.
Do not allow unnecessary improvised improvements.
Frequently inspected and, when necessary, repair the vest.
It is advisable to supplement the vest device support items of equipment, for example, adjustable straps with buttons.
Often need to camouflage vest.

b. Preparing content vest.
All the property that conforms to the vest, shall be configured in groups, for example, survival kit, which includes a mirror for signaling, strobe lights, etc.
All items must be secured by strong cords dark cords must be of sufficient length that ensures comfortable use with items such as for example, a compass, a gun, etc.

Shops should then lie down as follows:

1. Feeder down;
2. Bullets — on the right;
3. It is advisable to stick to the bottom of the store tape frisky extract from the pocket.
Fragile items should be tightened in a protective material.
All items must be camouflaged.
All items should be checked often to repair, clean and, when necessary, repaired.
Items should not make noise when driving.
Make sure that all content is protected against water.
Items used frequently should be at hand, for example, a compass.

in. Content vest. The contents of the vest should include as a minimum:

Mirror for signaling.
Hunting knife.
Pistol with 2 shops.
The shooting device for shooting off flares.
Stroboscopic lamp with an infrared filter.
A small flashlight.
Emergency food intake.
Survival kit comprising:

1. Spare compass.
2. Windproof matches or a lighter.
3. The condom or a 5-liter water bag.
4. Pocket knife or a knife for skinning.
5. Sewing kit.
6. Fishing line and a set of hooks.
7. Vanity case.

Water bottle with water (2 liters).

Medicine chest

1. Anesthetic.
2. Medications.
3. Pills for water disinfection.
4. Lip cream.
5. The anti-allergic agent.
6. Pills for indigestion.
Insect repellent.
Ammunition used first (shops, bands, grenades, etc.).
Rub, brush and grease.

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment


Despite the fact that this subject less equipment like soldiers, it allows you to carry heavy loads more comfortable and provides a method of relative comfort in the field criteria. When using a backpack to adhere to the following rules:

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment

a. Satchel.
There must be a hundred percent camouflaged.
Extra set of shoulder belts must be placed between the frame and the support straps.
Spare rings and studs shoulder straps can be modified parachute straps or bolts and nuts.
Inspect often wear frame, shoulder straps and fastening tapes pack.
Dangling ribbons to be tied up or hidden.
Do not allow unnecessary improvements.
Contents of the backpack should not make noise.
Lay the property so Makarov, that objects that are used frequently (sleeping bag, etc.), you can take or use (radio station) without pulling other items.
The property, which may be tainted by the influence of rain, should be packed in a waterproof container.

b. Water.
Jars are required to have covers made of black or camouflage fabric that act as a heat insulator and reduce noise.
Lids of jars required to have rubber seals for a tight seal.
The lids should be tied to the jars to prevent their loss in the event of a threat.
Empty plastic bags can be filled with water and use it for storage at zabazirovanii or the length of time the observation pt.
Containers with water be moderately distributed along the edges and in the higher part of the backpack to accommodate the weight as high as possible.
The amount of water depends on the situation, terrain, weather conditions and the availability of natural water sources. The average necessary taken over 2 liters of water per day at an average pace of the march.

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment

in. Diet.
All products designed for consumption during the 1st day or should be packed in a separate bag.
Products must be packed in a waterproof container and packed in a patrol pack.
Use a plastic or wood spoon to lower the noise.
Containers for the goods to be camouflaged and not have identification markings.
It is necessary t
o have small bags for food waste, so as not to leave traces.
The diets should be placed on the days of the knapsack.
The number of food products is dependent on the duration of action and the personal characteristics of a fighter. Number of products per day is approximately 1 jar of canned meat, 20 grams of rice and 2 chocolate bars.

, the General.
Honey is a set of essential should located in the upper left pocket pack. The valve pockets need to apply cross a dark color to indicate its contents.
When using a gas stove, it must be packaged together with food in the patrol satchel, and not transferred to the central compartment backpack, mixed with other items. It is recommended to pack the tiles into the bag to reduce the noise level.
Radio must be packed in a separate emergency bag that can just pull out in case of a threat.
A piece of masking network (2 x 2 m), rolled into a roll, you want to attach to the bottom of the backpack to camouflage fighter and stops at the property. Color is determined by the type of network location, vegetation and time of year.

etc. Property, transferable to discover.
Notebook, pencil and eraser.
The program links.

If tomorrow the war.  Individual combat equipment


a. Usually the men are trying to bring a lot of surplus property, which leads to a decrease in speed and a huge strain on the back. You need to take with you only the necessary things.

b. The duty of every soldier is a constant maintenance of the property in good repair and clean. Malfunction of the property or the delay when firing may not only pose a danger of execution tasks, and the cost of living for you and your comrades.

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