If you are drawn into a street brawl

If you are drawn into a street brawl

Backyard brawl does not always depend only on the strength of fists. Even the most experienced opponent might embarrass the horror and moral pressure on the part of a weak little party brawl. In addition, the most experienced "fighter" is always mindful of the respective article in the Criminal Code, while more than a weak person controls just awful.

But what to do to avoid a conflict, and if it is still inevitable, how to get out of the situation with minimal losses?

1. "Verbal" blow

Black regulars lanes should always be prepared for the fact that their way may encounter bright person with a shaved head back, a mile from which reeks of stale and that appeals to them, "Hey, Uncle." To start is to evaluate your fighting properties, before throwing in the marginal with fists — will lose. Because, if the purse for you all still more expensive than bruised kidneys, try to swing intruder. Usually, such a contingent have difficulty digesting offers more than 3 words. But does not get carried away — it can turn nasty. But there is a chance, if hooligan nothing to cover, it often lags behind and is not to find a chatty victim.

2. Do not panic

At first, try not to make contact with hard-minded type, even more so, if they plucked up the whole company. Try to sneak unnoticed, out of harm's way. If not all the same and you could, for example, was asked to smoke, do not become similar to the potential victim: no need to mutter that hurry home, retreat, as the troops, to "pre-prepared positions" — his horror you just get excited brutal environment that faced. Do not panic, read unforgettable Carlson.

3. The best defense — attack

If you manage to cope with the horror hit poprobute first. The advantage is that the villain does not expect an attack from the "complete intellectual" as he presented himself to you. Even if you can not, you still lupite from below the knee to the face, in the groin, belly, nose. Do not spare the enemy, and remember that if you lose it you too are unlikely to regret. But the move as actively as possible, usually on the fringe of surprises immediately give back, and the chance that all of them would be in the middle of a run-down school graduate Shoalin, is negligible.

4. Not intelligentnichayte

Forget about the fact that her mother said, that ugly fight. Even if you are behind Harvard, you should still keep in mind that the struggle for survival has not disappeared anywhere, just transformed into a more civilized form. And what of the fact that you are feeding a family, sweating in the office, and your distant ancestor instead of the hunted mammoth? You still remained a peasant and hassle in this case — satisfaction for trying to injure your brain, honor and dignity, and not a betrayal of innate intelligence.

Of course, for you can be scary, you do not know how to fight. But often in critical situations to the aid of the subconscious. Try to simulate the situation, deciding who first hit, catch someone on a tangent. You beheld hundreds of times, as does Van Damme or Bruce Lee. Take a chance, "cheat" themselves and intuitively understand how exactly should be done, because the subconscious mind can not distinguish between inventions of the situation from the real.

5. Escape — not shame

One of the main reasons why even experienced athletes do not risk vvyazivatsya into a brawl in the street — the unpredictability of the enemy. Not the fact that stoned Mozglyakov will not appear in the pocket knife or what pohlesche, and in the alley — reinforcements. Is not here, and the judge, which just right to suspend sparring. Exclusively in the tele all looks impressive, but actually offers simple fights without rules. Because just try to get away and remember Van Damme, who stated that won in street brawls priemuschestvenno because of the ability to run fast.

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