In Anapa opened Planetarium

June 27 at the Children's Park opened Anapa stationary planetarium. More than 70 people have the opportunity to evaluate the work of the new facility, conducting not only a demonstration of entertaining movies, but also educational video classes. Orphans of correctional boarding school of St. Petersburg № 11, arriving at this point in the summer camp "Sprout" and students of the club "The Road of Good" were satisfied myself of this opportunity to plunge into the world of galactic and see with your own eyes truthful installation of its construction.

Educational films projecting the effect of 3-D images, "Expedition of the solar system," "The chemical and physical phenomena in space," "On the structure of the telescope" are designed for in-depth study of astronomy in educational institutions. For the little ones offered inhouse movies "About that, as the month went to the sun" and "Cat who walks by himself."

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