In Antarctica started to work a new Russian expedition

On the Russian Antarctic station "Novolazarevskaya" opens the winter season: here come new change scientists. Delivered to the base about a thousand tons needed to work in the high latitudes of goods: food, fuel, scientific equipment.


Experts will work on Antarctic base atLazarev Sea coastall year. With the vessel "Akademik Fedorov" unloaded containers with fuel, scientific equipment, construction and household goods, said "" To deliver all the station"Novolazarevskaya", within a year every two or three weeks on the ice cap will go sled-tracked caravans.

The station isSchirmacher Oasiseighty kilometers from the coast.About twenty tons of food and a new relief the winter brought there by two helicopters Ka-32.

Overwinter at the station remainsthirty-one. Half of them — experienced winterers. Polar to "Novolazarevskaya" to be done among the largest Russian scientific stations in Antarctica program: news meteorology, geophysics work program and aerology. The station is the main upper-air network of the World Weather Watch. Here launching probes to monitor the free atmosphere.

Five years ago, Russian scientists began to carry here and astronomical observations. Experts are studying the atmosphere, taking pictures through a telescope binary stars.

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