In April, Russia opened 33 new production

April added to the industrial base of the country's 33 new production. Announced investments amounted to 22.6 billion rubles, appeared about 550 new jobs.

Among the high-tech industries should be noted new production facility for the assembly of printed circuit boards manufacturers of electronic devices, created by LLC "Teplopribor-Unit", and the new assembly line "AvtoVAZ". As before, the largest number of new businesses have on the food industry and the construction industry.

The accompanying online Of the presidential commission on modernization of the table presents data on new businesses, obtained from public sources (links to the sources are indicated). Of course, because of the method used real figures are slightly higher, but close enough to the final results will be available from published quarterly by us and the outcome of the annual review. 

It should be noted that the opening of new industries covered in detail

Online "Made in us," you need to go to the tab Blogs

and select the blog "New factories and workshops."


The data for April: ,


and here is the data for the first half of May:

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