In Arkhangelsk opened hemodialysis center

February 26 in Arkhangelsk opening ceremony of the Center outpatient hemodialysis. Center is equipped with twenty-aids "artificial kidney". In addition, the center is equipped with modern outpatient dialysis system that allows the treated water to prepare for devices "artificial kidney" and solutions for hemodialysis.

Now there get the necessary assistance to ten people. All services are provided free of charge. A commercial organization will operate under the state order: the center is included in the list of health facilities that provide medical care under the compulsory health insurance. With this control the quality of care continues to the regional Ministry of Health. Cooking patients will be the first city hospital and treated — in a private dialysis center. Additionally due to mandatory health insurance funds will be paid for meals for patients.

In 2013, the new center is planned to transfer 90 hemodialysis patients from other hospitals. With its full load assistance can be provided 120 northerners with chronic renal failure. This will ensure the necessary treatment for all who need renal replacement therapy.


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