In Asipovichy belarusiziruyut stop

In Asipovichy going to change signs with Russian names of bus stops in Belarusian. In the announcement of the buses and bus stops will be heard in Belarusian.

Asipovičy stand out from all the towns of the Mogilev many former Soviet military personnel. For most of them whiteRussian language alien and perceived hostility.

"It is not our initiative. This is an indication of the Department of Transport. Mogilev've already announced a stop in Belarusian, now we will. However, there are few who understand in Belarusian. Asipovichy In our retirees former Soviet Army. They mostly Russians. Here we declare "Bath", and they do not know what kind of room. Advertisement we give in Russian, because it's so much more popular, "- explains the situation to the administration official bus fleet number 19.

What took the initiative Belarusian-driver fleet?

"Without inspiration, with absolutely no inspiration. Indeed, few people speak trasyantsy, as well as in Asipovichy nobody speaks Belarusian. Rayonki our editors try to speak Belarusian, but it is clear that it is unusual for them."

In Asipovichy transporters going abelarusits 49 local stops — 360 signs. Such amount in the signage.

In Asipovichy is the only Belarusian-school for all Mogilev Region. In the local high school perceive knowledge in Belarusian about seven hundred students. In This year, going to open it in Russian language classes. This was opposed by the local community TBM. The district administration and the intentions of the opening of classes refused.

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