In Balakovo came over-sized cargo for the future of high-quality plant

Completed a unique operation for the delivery of oversized cargoes — part of the future of the shaft furnace of Rostov in the Saratov region, the construction site of JSC "Severstal — Long Balakovo plant." The most complicated logistics of the route carefully worked through a few months.

Designs for the future of the shaft furnace furnace melting shop drawings produced by the exclusive company of world renown — Siemens VAI (Siemens VAI, Germany) at the Volgodonsk plant of metallurgical and power equipment. The plant produces products with increased resistance resource for metallurgical enterprises for the construction industry, nuclear power plants in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as for export to Austria, Germany, England and other countries. Future shaft furnace for Balakovo plant has no analogues — the former Soviet Union there are now only two such units, with some structural differences.

In early November, the construction site were taken by road section of the flue (the average weight of 15 tons, a length of 11 m, height of more than 4 m). The second batch of equipment is transported by combined transport: the Don and the Volga River on a barge to the river port and Balakovsky on a low-bed trawls — to the construction site. Unloading barges passed last week.

According to the General Director of JSC "Severstal — Long Balakovo plant" Igor Baykova, delivery and unloading scheme was designed to trifles and well respected, "excellent" was worked out route, a process carried out numerous approvals from the regulatory authorities and organizations involved in the transportation, thanks to the competent and well-coordinated work of experts, equipment arrived at the construction site on time and without problems.

The length of individual sections of the shaft furnace is more than 13 meters, width — 8. When they were busy transporting both bands ordinary urban highway, and the individual sections height of about 6 meters could freely pass under the standard power lines. Therefore, in the last stage of cargo delivery to the construction site from all participants took almost jeweler precision.

Moving oversize cargo from river port on urban roads had to spend the night, when the latter went to the depot and trolley car flow has decreased to a minimum. Dividing the goods into two columns (separately in the oversized width and height) of the traffic police cars accompanied by more than 5 hours at a time Balakovo moved through to the exit of the city, where the newly united to overcome the remaining ten kilometers to the construction site. Facing the traffic police temporarily blocked the traffic on the motorway side, and the brigade "Balakovoelektrotransa" partially de-energized and rise above the columns trolley wires and some advertising design to prevent their failure.

The final discharge of eight trawls held on November 19 has a specially prepared site of the future plant, where the equipment will be stored until the installation. After assembling the electric arc furnace will be one of the main production units involved in the process for smelting steel from scrap metal.

Equipment for the construction of high-quality plant to the storage yards businesses since the beginning of the year — is actively building unfolds. There are plans to supply details of the next large equipment — shears for scrap metal. At the end of the month Kolpinsky SMC "Severstal" will supply steel structures for the construction of electric and section rolling mills. But the transportation of such a large volume of oversize cargo Balakovo is not expected for at least another six months.

According to the materials of "Severstal"

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