In Barnaul, opened-the-art Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics

In the children's ward patients meet the Dragon, three heroes, rabbits, bears and tigers. Previously, this could be seen except in American cinema: a super-modern hospital equipment, comfortable house. In general, the dream has come into reality. The other day in full force started Federal Center of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Prosthetics.

Specialized agency of the trauma and orthopedic patients in the province was not. There were only the branches of medical institutions, including the Novosibirsk Research Institute — said the head doctor Lyudmila Grigoricheva institutions. — And because federal quotas for residents of the region operations issued irregularly. Patients were forced either to wait in line, or go to other regions and pay for the treatment out of pocket.

To get to the treatment center must undergo an initial survey in the clinic in the community. In the year of the Federal Center physicians will be able to hold 3,500 operations (operations previously carried out 1500-2000). Now it can be treated residents throughout Siberia.

new health facilities, Built in the nat. "Health" project (photos)

— Patients come to us with a referral from their primary care physician — continued Lyudmila Grigoricheva. — If the Federal Center doctors confirm the indications for surgery, it begins collecting a set of documents and preparation for surgery. Of course, this is the ideal, because not all patients can undergo the necessary research in the community, particularly in the rural areas of our region. On this case, all the procedures are carried out right here.

— Our unit is equipped with all the methods of radiation diagnosis: study X-rays, magnetic resonance therapy, ultrasound, computed tomography, densinometriya. This represents the latest and most advanced equipment — said Mikhail Lobanov, Head of the Department of Radiology.

Children's department should be highlighted. Kids are welcomed Dragon, three heroes, rabbits, bears, and tigers, painted directly on the walls of the chambers and corridors of the hospital. Over airbrushing experts have long worked — and as a result — a fabulous atmosphere not found anywhere else in Russia! The department has single and double rooms, each of them — a shower, a fridge and … safe. Frankly, the chambers are more like a room in a nice hotel.

This summer, construction will be completed in Barnaul medical diagnostic building a cancer center "Hope." It will accommodate two chemotherapeutic Branch, Department of Mammalogy and gynecology. Also under surgery reconstructed four-storey building, which used to be the main building of the regional hospital, and on the place of an extension to his erect another shetstietazhny surgical building.

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