In Barnaul opened Unified Contact Center Siberia

October 16 "Rostelecom" has opened in the Altai region of Siberia's largest single contact center call (call-center), which will focus all information and referral service of the Siberian Federal District.


The main partner in the creation of Call-center construction Beeper. The new call-center is able to make processing more than 200,000 hits per day. Serve nearly 20 million residents of Siberia will be about a thousand operators and staff of the center.

The company's customers will be able to quickly and receive free referral service (known to all services "09", "080", "350-050", and so on), information on how to connect and pay for services, the state of his personal account, as well as information about promotions, special offers and tariff plans. 

For efficient operation of the enterprise uses the latest hardware and software package that allows you to provide optimal customer call distribution, service and maintain statistics to make integration with all software systems required by the operator in the processing of customer requests. 


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