In Bashkortostan, build new pig

In the Republic of Bashkortostan come party purebred breeding pigs from Denmark as part of a major investment project of agricultural holding "Tavros". The first batch of breed dyuryuk, Landrace and Large White has delivered on Dmytrivka Blagovarskogo district. This newly built two modern pig-breeding complexes.

As part of the investment project of "Tavros" provides for the establishment in three (Blagovarskogo, Buzdyakskom, Chishminsky) districts of Bashkortostan five modern livestock enterprises, with a bullet in the content of each of them 75,000 pigs and a total capacity of 70,000 tons of pork per year.

Total budget — 12.5 billion rubles. The new production will create over 700 new jobs. 

Overall, investors are going to have another three games in breeding pigs — in June and July of pigs from Denmark will arrive in livestock farms are located near the village of Mirny Blagovarskogo area and on the basis of former agricultural enterprise "Bow" Chishminsky district. While complex, ready to take the tenants here yet, but the foundation has already been laid, and by the middle of the summer will be fully prepared all the infrastructure and housing the equipment.

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