In Bashkortostan, lighting systems are being installed solar-powered (photos)

On federal highways M-7 "Volga" and M-5 "Ural" completed installation of stand-alone lighting systems (ASO), solar-powered.

As the press-secretary of the PKU "Managing highway Samara — Ufa — Chelyabinsk" Ildar Akhmadeev, the advantage of SOA is that there is no cost as power lines, and to work on their eyeliner. Also, do not want to engage in costly land acquisition. Another plus is that the problems are solved directly saving. Installed 64 units ASO will save per year on the amount of electricity in almost 250 thousand rubles. — But in this case, I think it is appropriate to speak not so much about the funds spent or saved — says Ildar Akhmadeev. — Of fundamental importance is the fact that the applied innovative technologies allow to realize in practice the issues of road safety. After all, according to statistics, in the dark pedestrian accidents occur mainly due to the fact that drivers of vehicles late last notice when tragedy avoided is not possible. The solution to this problem by means of high technology, we hope, will greatly reduce the number of such accidents on the roads.

At twenty-two pedestrian crossings and bus stops are mounted installation of artificial lighting using solar panels. Pedestrian crossings they will operate from both sides of the carriageway, illuminating, thus all the required space. Moreover, the incident light will be reflected in the smallest glass beads that are soldered to the road markings. In this way, a double effect when published in the transition will be visible to people, and thanks to the new qualities of modern road markings. But even if people do not have, thanks to these properties, the driver sees the very road markings from a distance, which is undoubtedly his discipline.

In areas of high traffic intensity is planned to build elevated pedestrian crossings at different levels. Designing such transitions of polymeric materials has already begun.

Responding to a question, as in cloudy weather will operate the system, the developers ASO assure that the batteries are charged, and in the winter of daylight, even if the clouds cover the sun.

The very mast lighting is installed at a height of eight and a half meters, where it is attached to the solar panel in galvanized steel casing. It just catches the rays of our star. On the reverse side are nine diffusers, inside each of which there are 60 LEDs are directly gives the accumulated energy. That is, the amount of 540 ultra-bright LEDs provide high-intensity illumination, the lamp is equivalent to 180 watts. This system has been successfully withstand severe temperature changes. With a fully charged battery runs 72 hours, the service life is 25 years.

Note that experts PKU "Managing highway Samara — Ufa — Chelyabinsk" this innovative technology have started to introduce on its subordinated roads for the first time.







Alik Shakirov

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