In Bashkortostan put into operation the first substation Akberdino

December 21, the eve of the Day of Energy, was put into operation the first stage of substation "Akberdino."


About power outages residents of villages on the right bank of the White River will forget for a long time. To do this, it has been spent 160 million rubles.


Role Model Marat — an electrical engineer by training — executes until it's too skillfully. He was assigned duty at the substation "Akberdino" At the day of the object to the operating voltage, and now tells reporters about the features of this automated complex.


Substation construction began in May of this year. The large-scale settlement of the border regions of Ufa, the development of nearby communities has significantly increased the burden on local power supply. The new facility is designed to not only protect against power interruptions in the supply of energy, but also to create some cushion.

With the construction of the most modern and, importantly, the domestic technology. And a simple click of a mouse substation "Akberdino" turns into an actual object.

Ninety million rubles was spent on creating the most substation. Another 70 — for the construction of high-voltage lines. Only on this investment will not end: the object in the near future will be expanded.

Now this substation is energized. At the start of the second stage of the line. Builders specific timing is not known, but promise to handle the end of 2012.

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