In Bayanday district of Irkutsk region built a new dairy complex

Ltd. "Hadaysky" was formed in 2010 and is located in the village of Hadai Bayanday district. The main activities of the company — the production of milk, grains and legumes. Sown area of 1,948 hectares, including Cereals — 750 hectares. Cereal production in 1746 tons, yield 23.3 t / ha.

With the support of the Government of the Irkutsk region in 2011, management implemented a major investment project for the construction of a modern dairy complex on 600 cows red-white breed with the productivity of 6-7 thousand liters of milk with 4%.

The volume of milk production following the implementation of the project will reach 3500 tons, meat — 170 tons. Extras will create more than 40 new jobs. The plans — an organization on the basis of plant breeding companies. 

Currently, the company has purchased in the Krasnoyarsk region 290 head of cattle red and white breed.

June 14th working visit to the Irkutsk Region Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Nikolai Fyodorov began with a visit to the livestock dairy complex LLC "Hadaysky."

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