In Belgorod passed the first exam for a driver’s license with the use of video recorders

January 27 at the training center of the Department of Construction, Transportation and Utilities were the first in the examinations for driving using a car DVR. The innovation introduced with the January 1, 2012 in all the registration and examination divisions of Russian traffic police. Now the inspectors arrive at a driving school exams with their digital cameras, which are installed in the vehicle and record the entire process of the examination.

After completion of the exam videos are reviewed Federal traffic police, and a decision is handed cadet exam or not. The first innovation is tested 15 students TRAINING utilities, two of them handed over to the right again. "I think the process of passing the exam on DVRs become more difficult as future drivers will feel even more awkward than usual. And if earlier it was possible to miss some small mistakes and thus save up exam, this is now possible. Although there is a definite plus all disputes are settled watching a recorded video, and instructors will be able to visually analyze the mistakes of their students, "- said the deputy director of the changes TRAINING housing Nikolai Kolesnikov. Speaking at a press conference, head of the regional traffic police Russian Nikolay Smolyakov added: "The DVR will help in the fight against corruption at the time on the right, as they show whether the student passed the exam, he offered money. A surveyor will be able to confirm their decision videotape. "

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