In Berdyansk port tanker took record amounts

In Berdyansk port has gone on record to load the Azov Sea tanker «Sea Pioneer» deadweight of 34 thousand tons at the end of last week, a stevedoring company «FLAS &K» loaded on board the ship 18 tons of sunflower oil. The rest of the tanker tonnage will Iyichevck in port, the company said «FLAS &K».

"Now we will ship tanker, which was not yet in the Sea of Azov. Based on the depth of the channel and the ship's draft, 8 tons pumped on board of the tank farm. The remainder of the oil is pumped out of the ship rail cars and tank trucks also through the terminal, "- said the deputy director of operations for stevedore Alexander Lasitsa.

The intensity of loading at the terminal «FLAS &K» allows plants to save time swapping products.

"According to the norms FOSFA (Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds, the Association of International Trade oils, fats and sunflower seeds), whose members include the terminal, European transshipment terminals must overload of 100 tons per hour of oil and fat products. Non-European — 80 tons. Our terminal may reboot allows the intensity of 400 tons per hour, "- said Mr. Lasitsa.

As the capital of the vessel Igor Patamolnik, set «Sea Pioneer» in Berdyansk port was made possible by regularly Produced deepening of channels in the ports of the Azov Sea.

"Loading is carried out fairly quickly and in compliance with all international standards. Through this channel, the port has great potential. If it will continue to grow, soon will be able to come here as a ship with a gross tonnage of large and composite tankers "- I am sure Mr. Patamolnik.

 Working with terminal «FLAS &K» to reduce costs and increase export opportunities in oil-extraction plants south-eastern region of Ukraine. According to the commercial director of "Pology oil extraction plant", which takes from 50% to 70% of the total volume of transhipment terminal «FLAS &K», Victor Shapovalenko, location capacity stevedore saving $ 15-16 on each ton of freight transportation.

"From our factory to the terminal 75 km. Other logistics park is the closest — the port "South", the distance to a 400-km. If you export oil through the Black Sea terminals, the factory will incur additional costs of $ 15-16 per ton. Despite the complexity of the oil market today is — is unacceptable, "- said Mr. Shapovalenko.

Victor Shapovalenko also noted that in addition to logistics, manufacturers are also important, and financial capabilities of the stevedoring company.

"In a period of intense purchase of seeds for oil, producers need to pay for the goods already stored at the terminal, even before they are shipped to end customers. While working on the Ukrainian market for over 15 years, «FLAS &K» has a very high reputation among European banks. And its storage information (FCR) can easily obtain such a payment "- said Mr. Shapovalenko.

To date, the tank farm «FLAS &K» is 8 tons storage capacity of sunflower oil and other food products. In the near future, the company plans to expand its storage tanks at 15-20 tons According to the CEO of the company «FLAS &K» Irina Lasitsa, this should facilitate the entry into force of the law "On the ports", according to which the piers and port areas can be the object of the concession to 49 years, and also authorized the privatization of port infrastructure. One option for the expansion of the tank farm can become co-financing of the project «FLAS &K» and «Pologovskiy oil extraction plant."

According to the company, the annual «FLAS &K» passes to 200 thousand tons of sunflower oil. The company is one of the largest taxpayers in Berdyansk district. The uniqueness of the terminal is handling technology of sunflower oil. All product-contacting surface of the unsealed food varnishes and paints. For loading of oil products on the tanker company uses special dietary sleeves. Terminal equipment makes it possible to mix the oil consistency to avoid it turning into a fuzz.

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