In Berezniaky started drilling a new deposit

In Berezniki full swing construction of the new Ust-Yaivinsky mine. As the first steps in the development of mineral resources, and how the very bowels look inside, found our camera crew, having been in the construction and descended into an operating mine.

What is happening now on the surface, only the beginning of a large-scale project, the bulk of which will be located underground. At the top of the forest, uninhabited territory at the bottom — Verkhnekamsk potassium and magnesium salts, which are necessary to break through the interior of the earth. 
The height of the tower is impressive, but even more impressed by the depth at which will be carried out mining operations after the launch of deposits — nearly half a kilometer. 
Ust-Yayvinsky mine company "Uralkali" began to build in March, the work is going on all the time. In parallel, we construct two barrel: one for lifting the ore, the second to lift and lower the workers and goods.

"The construction schedule trunks involves completion of work in May 2017, both will be completed in full," — said the Islam Vafin, project manager for the construction of Ust-Yaivinsky mine. 
Planned to use a special way — rock around the trunks will be frozen. Ground water will bypass the construction side, the road was blocked by six-meter wall of ice. And so — for the duration of penetration of the barrel.
"In places where we have hidden aquifers will have special waterproof rings that prevent access of water in the trunk already in use" — said Alexey Chuyan, the head of the construction site.
Edward Sysolyatin over 20 years of working with closed eyes can tell you what and where it is located in gornovyemochnoy the car and how the work. 
"It all revolves around its axis, spinning wheels, hand-outs are rotated, and discourage the ore in the mine" — says Edward Sysolyatin driver gornovyemochnoy machine.
Here, the depth of a little more than 400 meters, and it is not the limit. Another eight meters below starts the whole pipeline network in which ore starts way up. 
There she falls in obscheshahtnoy bunker, and from there by car is issued skip to the surface.
Work in the bowels of Edward and his colleagues will be abundant: stocks only at the new site should be enough for 35 years, if not longer. Prey to the same Ust-Yayva mine is scheduled to start in 2020.

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