In Beryozovka Krasnoyarsk region opened a long-awaited hospital

Modern building can not be compared with the former, it settled down and the hospital and clinic.

These mansions — the so-called people Beryozovka new building. The hospital waited 20 years, but only in the last 1.5 years of active construction began funding from the regional budget. The result — a new clinic and surgical hospital opened the doors to the residents of the area.

Dmitry Janitor: "It is comparable to the hospitals of Krasnoyarsk in full, because it is equipped with new equipment and a hospital.'ve Got 4-storey building, and on the 1st floor is the clinic, and on the 3rd — 4th — Hospital"

Spacious rooms, comfortable reception and even the color of the walls — all uplifting. Previously, says Anna, doctors huddled on the 1st floor of a residential 5-etazhki. There would not even walk, this building — is another matter. Anna KOTELNIKOV: "I'm sitting here, and was an elderly man says as great — a large building is unusual and enjoyable. Progress and reflect. I am also very pleased"

Irina ALIYEVA: "Hospital — the only building in Beryozovka where there is an elevator. 5 of them here: for food, for medical waste, cargo, passengers and patients clinic"

The hospital serves nearly 40,000 people. In the hospital cozy house, near each bed has a nurse call button. There is also a ward for people with disabilities. Almost all residents of the district medical assistance can be obtained here. Grabs and specialists. And while the endoscopic technique is missing — said the head of ENT doctor region. Lev Kuznetsov came to appreciate the new hospital building. Head of the region not only talked to the doctors, but also with patients. Employees are advised to phone registry clinics make more prominent. Beryozovka — is not the only town that boasts a new hospital: hospitals are under construction in the area and Boguchan Vanavara, capitally repaired in Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk.

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