In Bilohirsk Amur Region has opened a kindergarten for 100 places

January 16 Bilohirsk opened a kindergarten for 100 places. The building was built in 1987 and for 10 years was in charge of the Ministry of Defence. In 1997 it was closed and handed over to the municipality. After the house is located in a building of children's creativity. The decision on the reconstruction of the building for a kindergarten was adopted in 2012. "The Return" at a cost of nearly 40 million. Funds were allocated from the regional long-term target program "Development of Education Amur Region for 2011-2015" and the city budget.

Reconstructed kindergarten for only six months. In the garden, installed new manufacturing equipment and furniture. Stay Safe preschoolers provided security and fire alarm system and surveillance cameras. Recently installed both on the outer perimeter and within the group of rooms and outputs.

The kindergarten built playgrounds and shady canopies, physical and economic zone, made fencing and outdoor lighting.

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