In Boguchan district of Krasnoyarsk region have created a new fire station

This summer Boguchan district will be easier to fight the fires. Available rescuers arrived Modern fire-chemical station and 23 units of new equipment, According to the edge channel "Yenisei".

Fire-chemical station of the third type is created on the basis of the existing Gremuchinskoy station. It is equipped with new fire trucks, all-terrain vehicles, vehicles and other machines. Total available rescuers are 23 pieces of equipment — such large revenues in was not for many years. One of their bulldozers, for example, are already preparing to send to Nizhneteryansky village council.

"Fire station type being formed, final documents have not reached it yet. It will be called Boguchan PHS third type of address registration village Blasting — said Yuri Couple, Head Gremuchinskoy station. — Hope we have some — there will be less fighting. "

Now the leadership puts a high priority personnel issue. Welcome to the new plant workers. Guaranteed full benefits package, good salary and on-site training. The main criterion for selection, as noted by Yuri couple loving forest.

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