In Brazil, it snowed and was freezing rain

In Brazil, the snow fell. Such weather anomaly was struck not only local residents, but also meteorologists.
According to "Russia-24", freezing temperatures and freezing rain turned the streets of Santa Catarina State in the present rink. And in the country's southern state of Rio Grande do Sul closed several schools. Cold surprise and tourists, most of them just did not expect such vagaries of the weather and did not bring warm clothes. Still home to wait out bad weather, local residents are not collected. Thousands of people took to the streets to admire the snow and trees covered with a layer of ice.


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In Brazil, the warmth is only a dream. In the south, where a week ago the calendar winter: minus 15 and rare — snow.

Shirley Gabriel"I like the cold. But I had never seen snow. I stood all night in the street, admiring. It's so beautiful. "

Snowfall in the streets, shivering from the cold, they were glad to late at night, including school children, which, in the case of abnormal cold weather, canceled classes, reports NTV.

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