In Britain, too, stealing manhole covers and dig up the cable?

During the struggle with the theft of scrap metal, the British government passed a law to ban cash payments for scrap metal. Lawmakers plan to introduce severe penalties for violation of the rules of payments for scrap metal. According to some sources, the sum of the amount of the fine can be up to 1000 f. Art. The damage caused by metal theft in the UK each year amounts to 000 thousand from 770 to 1000 million pounds. Art. The first loss carry railways.

In England copper scrap too expensive scrap iron and hackers steal, first of all, the cable with copper conductors. But the thieves ruined tombs, churches, power wiring houses and other places where the metal is relatively affordable. Statistics shows a decrease in burglaries, so, in 2012, the number of thefts of black and non-ferrous scrap were 1.3 million cases, while in 2011 this figure was doubled. Still, this figure is very significant for the UK. The volume of the legal market of scrap metal, including scrap iron and color, is about 6,000 million pounds sterling. The industry provides jobs for 8,000 workers.

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